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With winter break just around the corner, you probably have a bit of extra time on your hands. Think about entering one of these contests, which test your talents and creativity. There are opportunities for kids of all ages who are interested in art, science, writing and video-making. Obviously, not everyone wins, but there’s no way to win if you don’t give it a try. And while you’re in contest mode, enter the KidsPost 2018 News Quiz. The deadline is January 7.


What you need to do: Elmer’s Glue is asking slime-makers to take part in several challenges, including making slime that is super stretchy or can be produced in a giant batch. Kids must create a recipe and make a video showing how to create the slime.

Who can enter: Age 6 and older.

What you can win: The grand-prize winner will receive $3,000, a year’s supply of glue, a photo shoot and a “takeover” day of Elmer’s Instagram account. Six first-place winners will receive $1,000, a camera and glue. Second- and third-place winners will get glue.

How to enter: Find complete rules and a form to upload a video at elmersslimegames.com. Entries must be received by December 30 or January 27, depending on the category.


What you need to do: Create a piece of original art that illustrates “Your Dream Car” for Toyota’s international contest. The work must be done by hand (not computer) with paints, colored pencils or other materials. It must be in color.

Who can enter: Ages 4 to 7; 8 to 11; and 12 to 15. Winners in each age bracket.

What you can win: First place, $750; second place, $500; third place, $250. National contest winners will be considered for world contest prizes.

How to enter: Download an official entry form at TFSintheCommunity.com/DreamCar. Fill out and mail with original artwork by January 31.


What you need to do: Write an original fictional essay with a female main character who uses an engineering principle to solve a problem. The contest is part of the National Academy of Engineering’s Engineer Girl program.

Who can enter: Students in elementary school, middle school and high school. There will be winners in each category.

What you can win: First place, $500; second place, $250; third place, $100.

How to enter: Fill out the online entry form at engineergirl.org, upload your story and submit it by February 1.


What you need to do: Report on an environmental issue in your community using words, photos or video in this contest sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation and the Foundation for Environmental Education.

Who can enter: Ages 11 to 13; 14 to 16; and 17 to 19. Individuals or small groups. Winners in each age bracket.

What you can win: First-place winners will go to the international competition and receive a $125 Amazon gift card; second-place winners, $75 gift card; third place, $25 gift card.

How to enter: Find rules and an online application at nwf.org/yre-usa. Entries due by February 22.