Bandar and Sukacita, the National Zoo’s Sumatran tiger cubs, made their public debut Monday. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

The newest residents of the National Zoo’s Lion/Tiger Hill have come out to play.

Bandar and Sukacita (pronounced SOO-kah-CHEE-tah), the two Sumatran tigers born at the zoo August 5, made their public debut Monday with their mom, Damai.

The cubs were allowed out in the yard for about 1 1 / 2 hours. Zookeepers aim to let them out for a part of each day, depending on the weather, zoo officials said.

Bandar, a male, and Sukacita, a female, are the first cubs for Damai, who turned 5 last week. Their dad is Kavi, who is 12.

The cubs had to take a swimming test earlier this month because the outdoor space includes a moat that is up to nine feet deep. The two were able to do the required short swim with their heads above water and then climbed out of the water.

Sumatran tigers, which are from an island in Indonesia, are considered critically endangered. The World Wildlife Fund estimates that there are fewer than 400 in the wild.

— Staff reports