At this time of year, you’re probably not thinking about a holiday wish list. But toymakers and toy sellers are in full holiday mode in February. Why? Because it’s Toy Fair time. This week, nearly 1,100 companies that make toys and games showed off their latest products at the 114th North American International Toy Fair in New York City.

The thousands of toy buyers wandering the aisles of the huge Jacob K. Javits Convention Center had hundreds of thousands of items to consider. Would one be the next Hatchimals, the furry, chatty toy robot that flew off the shelves last year? Or perhaps the new Pie Face, which was named 2016 game of the year?

Adrienne Appell, who works for the Toy Industry Association — the group that organizes Toy Fair — told KidsPost about what toy companies are making this year.

“Collectibles, movie toys, and toys that get people up and moving are a big trend this year,” Appell said. “We are also seeing some really cool tech toys and science toys — think robots you can code, drones you can control with your hand, and more.”

So expect to see building sets and figures based on the “Star Wars” and “Batman” movies. Lego has a new robot kit called Boost, a simpler version of its Mindstorms kit. And those who loved the Hatchimals idea of a toy in an egg will have a less-pricey alternative: For about $3, you can buy a Hatchimals Colleggtible, a tiny egg with a surprise creature inside. These little guys aren’t interactive, though. For better or worse, you provide all the talking.