Democrat Shelly Simonds was declared the winner of Virginia’s 94th District by one vote on Tuesday. On Wednesday, judges called the race a tie between Simonds and Republican David Yancey. (Joe Fudge/AP)

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A court has declared a tie Wednesday in a Virginia House of Delegates election that one day earlier appeared to have gone to a Democrat by a single vote.

A three-judge panel certified the 94th District in Newport News as tied at 11,608 to 11,608, a day after a dramatic recount appeared to give Democrat Shelly Simonds the victory over Delegate David Yancey.

Yancey successfully challenged an uncounted ballot he said should have been included in his total.

By state law, the winner of the tie will be determined "by lot." It was not immediately clear how or when that will take place.

The outcome probably will decide which political party controls the House of Delegates. If Yancey wins, Republicans will hold on to power by one seat, 51-49. If Simonds wins, a rare power-sharing agreement would have to be worked out between Democrats and Republicans.

Simonds, a school board member, had initially appeared to lose November's election by 10 votes. On Tuesday, she was declared the winner: 11,608 votes to 11,607. But Yancey said that an uncounted ballot with marks for both Simonds and Yancey should have been counted. That ballot had a slash mark through Simonds's name. The panel of judges decided the ballot would count for Yancey.

The recount was one of four scheduled for House races with very close outcomes.

Last week, Republican Delegate Tim Hugo held on to his seat in Fairfax County after a recount made little change to his 100-plus vote lead. Two more recounts are set Wednesday and Thursday for districts in and around Richmond and in the Fredericksburg area.