The White House is probably the most recognizable house in the world. The inside has changed a lot since President John Adams took residence in 1800, but the outside is pretty similar to the original.

What if the capital were to move to another city and the president needed a new house? What would a 21st-century president’s house look like? Katherine House asked readers this question in her new book, “The White House for Kids,” which KidsPost reviewed a few weeks ago.

We asked Kids­Post readers to share their ideas and drawings.

Some readers focused on the inside and included lots of creative functions for the many rooms. Josie James-Le, 11, of Silver Spring chose to have a planetarium, a rock-climbing room and an aquarium.

Other kids wanted a new look on the outside. Caleb Her­ing, 12, of Bethesda created a modern building, while Collin McKee, 7, of Boyds pictured a circular home and office surrounded by gardens.

Thanks to all the kids who sent in their designs!