Collect five toilet-paper rolls — and next week, we’ll tell you why. (BIGSTOCK)

Kids, we have a mission for you.

In the next week, we want you to collect five toilet-paper tubes.


Alas, that’s a secret that we cannot reveal until next Sunday’s KidsPost.

But if you like crafts or history or dolls or sports or acting or laughing, we suspect you’ll like what we have planned.

But you’ll like it more if you have those five toilet-paper tubes.

Now, please, we in KidsPost don’t want to encourage waste. So don’t use extra TP just to score the tube. But this is definitely not the week to put them out in the recycling.

If you think you know our secret project, feel free to send us an e-mail at (Always ask a grown-up before going online.) But we’re pretty sure no one will guess correctly.