Fall is on the way. At KidsPost, that means we need artwork to reflect the change of season. So we're hoping you will help us out.

Whatever you think fall looks like, put that image down on paper. If your art fits with the daily weather forecast, we'll consider publishing it in KidsPost. Remember, we need art for days that are sunny, cloudy, rainy and windy. And we know you love Halloween scenes, but it's not quite time to put out the jack-o'-lanterns.

Bright colors work best. You can use paints, markers or whatever art supplies you have, but try to avoid leaving a lot of white space on the page. Be sure to include your full name, age (5 to 13) and home town on the back of your artwork. We also need a note from a parent, guardian or teacher giving permission for your drawing to be used.

Pictures should be sent to KidsĀ­Post, The Washington Post, 1301 K Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20071. Or have an adult fill out the form belowour online form, which you can find on kidsĀ­ post.com