We asked kids in grades two through seven to tell us — in 30 words or less — which threatened animal they would save and why. Readers responded from across the country (and even across the ocean). We have published a selection of their answers. Three entrants were randomly chosen to receive an animal-related prize package, provided by KidsPost and Global Wildlife Conservation. So read on to learn about other threatened animals. (Comments have been lightly edited.)

Lachlan Thomas

Third grade, McLean, Virginia

“I would save vaquitas [a species of porpoise] because there are less than 15 in the world. Vaquitas are important to the food chain. If vaquitas die out it will harm other animals too.”

Abigail Diamant

Fifth grade, Bethesda, Maryland

“I would save chameleons, because they eat all kinds of other pests, like roaches, crickets and flies. Also, when chameleons’ habitats get destroyed, other innocent animals get harmed too.”

Fiona McCluskie

Sixth grade, Davis, California

“I would save a red panda because there are fewer than 10,000 in the wild and new construction is threatening their habitats.”

Nicolás Travesí Hernández

Seventh grade, Madrid, Spain

“My favorite species that I would save is the Iberian lynx. It’s an animal from Spain, my country, and I will save it because it’s a fast and beautiful animal.”

Ariel Borer

Second grade, Miami Beach, Florida

“I would save the Lower Keys marsh rabbit because it’s adorable and only grows up to three pounds. They have lost half their habitat in the last 25 years.”

Sydney Martinez

Fifth grade, Annandale, Virginia

“I would choose to save the snow leopard because they are a key role as top predator, and if they thrive, so will numerous other species.”

Glenn Hensley III

Fourth grade, Elkton, Maryland

“I want to save the Asian elephants because their trunks have more than 40,000 muscles. Their population went from 100,000 to 40,000; soon there will be none left.”

Katelyn Kim

Third grade, Los Angeles, California

“Volcano rabbits should be saved because their habitat is being destroyed by humans. They are so tiny they can get hurt. We should keep them because they are so cute!”

Savanna McCliggott

Third grade, Clifton, Virginia

“I would save the crisp pillow coral because I love sea creatures, and a lot of animals depend on coral to live.”

Gabby Wilson

Fourth grade, Arlington, Virginia

“Black spider monkey: Its habit is threatened, and there is only so many rain forests. So if we save spider monkeys we’d not only save them but we’d save much more.”

Hayden Roth

Fourth grade, Littleton, Colorado

“If I would save an endangered species it would be the pangolin because it’s hunted for its meat and scales. It’s a critically endangered animal and it’s just sad.”