Tunisian children read an edition of a magazine that drew criticism for a story it published. (ZOUBEIR SOUISSI/REUTERS)

A popular Tunisian children’s magazine is being criticized for telling its young readers how to make a bomb filled with gasoline.

The latest edition of Qaws Quzah, which is Arabic for “Rainbow,” included a story about the history of gas bombs in its “Knowledge Corner.” The story contained detailed instructions and a diagram.

“It is an improvised weapon that is often used in riots and acts of sabotage because it is easy to make and use,” the article said.

The magazine has been read for decades in the North African country of Tunisia by boys and girls ages 5 to 15. But many people were upset about the article because Tunisia underwent a revolution last year, the beginning of a series of uprisings in Egypt and other countries known as the Arab Spring.

The Ministry for Women and Family Affairs said the article “encourages violent . . . thought.”

If you’re looking for something to make at home, we suggest doing art projects using the newspaper, which we wrote about Sunday in KidsPost.