Nintendo’s new Wii U features a touchscreen in addition to the remotes found on the previous versions of the game system. (Nintendo of America)

Last month, Nintendo released the Wii U, an update of the popular Wii game console that was hugely popular when it was released six years ago.

The question, of course, is whether gamers should put Wii U on their holiday wish list.

The most interesting aspect of the
Wii U is the GamePad. The full-color,
6.2-inch touchscreen weighs just over a pound and is able to play full games without the use of your television. So if your family wants to watch TV and you want to play with your Wii U, you can play on the GamePad without missing out on any of the fun. Other key features of the GamePad include a front-facing camera, stereo speakers, a microphone and built-in motion control.

While the GamePad is cool, only one game fully uses all that it can do. The
Wii U Deluxe set comes with “Nintendo Land,” a game set up like a virtual carnival with 12 mini-games set in the Nintendo universe. From “the Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest” to “Donkey Kong’s Crash Course,” each game shows players just what is possible with the new GamePad.

How are the games on the Wii U? There are 23 available, many of which are available on other game systems. “New Super Mario Bros. U” and “Nintendo Land” really show off some great visuals and awesome gameplay. However, we wish there were more games that made better use of the GamePad.

Should you ask for a Wii U for the holidays? The basic set costs $299.99 and the deluxe one $349.99, so we suggest you wait until there are more games that show off all the GamePad
can do.

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— Tom Ham