Last month, KidsPost wrote about how money gets made at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and we challenged readers to design a $150 bill in honor of the bureau’s 150th birthday.

So how does kid-designed money differ from what you may have in your piggy bank? B ased on the entries we received, it differs in a lot of ways.

First off, it glitters — which we think is a pretty good way to prevent counterfeiting.

It also features sweet treats, including soda, Fruit Loops, Reese’s Pieces and Hershey bars. (Maybe that’s just what kids would like to spend their money on.) And it features women. We received two designs portraying first lady Michelle Obama, compared to only one featuring her husband, the president. And Urbana’s Abigail Jacobs predicted the future with her design that showed a picture of herself on the bill, along with the words: The First Female President.

None of the bills shown here (to see more check out our photo gallery at ) will become actual currency. But the next time the Bureau of Engraving and Printing needs to redesign the country’s money, we have a few ideas for them, thanks to our readers.