It’s good to be No. 1: Bottom Shaker My Secret, and Old English sheepdog took best in show at the World Dog Show. (LASZLO BALOGH/Reuters)

More than 17,000 carefully groomed canines showed up in Budapest, Hungary, this month hoping to be top dog. (Okay, their owners were hoping they would be top dog.) The event was the World Dog Show, a competition that started in 1971 and this year featured dogs from 86 countries. (American dogs don’t compete; their big event is the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.)

The dogs were judged on how they look and how close they come to being a perfect example of their breed.

Bottom Shaker My Secret won the top prize: best in show. The incredibly fluffy Old English sheepdog had a bit of an advantage: He was born in Hungary, so he got to strut his stuff in front of a hometown crowd. The petite Chic Choix Cleopatra Eurydice, a Lhasa apso from Finland, took second place in the best-in-show competition.

Other dogs earned awards for being best in their category or breed, such as terrier, dachshund or retriever. And there were separate events in which dogs were judged by how well they obeyed commands. Take a peek at some of the participants. Based on looks alone, which one would you pick as the winner?

Christina Barron

Chic Choix Cleopatra Eurydice, a Lhasa apso, won second place in Budapest. (Zsolt Szigetvary/Associated Press)