Two kori bustard chicks hatched at the zoo in May. They will go on exhibit next month. (Jim and Pam Jenkins/National Zoo)

The National Zoo’s Bird House has welcomed some new feathered friends.

Two burrowing owl chicks hatched May 24. When they were born, they were completely helpless, but now they are taking short flights. The chicks are still very tiny, though, and they won’t get much bigger. Even an adult burrowing owl, the smallest owl species in North America, gets to be only about 10 inches in length. That’s a bit bigger than the robins you probably see in your back yard.

A burrowing owl chick, one of two that hatched at the zoo recently, is tiny. Even as adults these owls get to be only about 10 inches in length. (Jim and Pam Jenkins/National Zoo)

The zoo also welcomed two kori bustard chicks that hatched June 9 and 10. Keepers are hand-raising the chicks on a diet of pellets, crickets, peas, greens and fruits. The chicks will not be on exhibit until late August, but you can check out their parents at the kori bustard exhibit just outside the Bird House.