What's new at the zoo? Babies.

The female polar cub Finja explores its enclosure at the Schoenbrunn Zoo in Vienna, Austria, on March 3. Finja was born at the zoo in November. She is one of several recent polar bear litters at European zoos. (Ronald Zak/AP)

The Philadelphia Zoo had a big reveal last week. Its baby sloth bear ventured outside for the first time. Social media followers could watch as the 3-month-old, the first healthy cub at the zoo in 23 years, ambled around its log-filled yard with mom Kayla.

Zoos around the world have had similar moments in the past month with monkeys, an elephant, a Bengal tiger and three litters of polar bears. As most zoos are closed because of the coronavirus outbreak, we thought readers might enjoy a peek at these little fuzzballs. We hope the photos make the wait until zoos reopen a bit more bearable.