Can an experimental new league revolutionize sports by turning fans into play callers?
  • 5 days ago
  • Review

Via Sophia brings twists to Italian dining at a downtown hotel

2 stars | Chef Colin Clark wants ‘to surprise people a little bit.’

A D.C. root beer company, an energy drink behemoth and an ugly trademark fight

A local craft soda maker becomes the latest target of a “trademark bully.”
  • 7 hours ago

He’s a Hill staffer for Rep. John Lewis by day — and an award-winning graphic novelist by night

Andrew Aydin and his boss are working on a sequel to “March.”
  • 6 days ago

Date Lab: He worried that he sounded a little too excited about a fantasy novel

She said he was “just the right amount of nerd.”
  • 4 days ago
(Alex Fine for The Washington Post)
(Alex Fine for The Washington Post)
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Where do I get my ideas? Let me tell you.
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These people have learned the tricks of the trade.
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He serves a rare and vivid taste of Africa and the Caribbean at his Wharf restaurant.
  • Review
Rose Previte’s carnival of a restaurant just keeps getting better.
  • Review
Whether you’re dining on a date or as a family, this Falls Church eatery fits the bill.
  • Review
2 stars | Ashok Bajaj’s latest features a menu rich with vegetables and a room designed to transport
  • Review
2 stars | Makeda comes to the table with a particularly nuanced doro wat, and more.
From steak to 100-day-old kimchi: The city has added diversity, excellence and whimsy to the scene.
  • Review
Location has always been in its favor, but one of the country’s busiest restaurants has become part of the fabric of the city.
  • Review
2.5 stars | Sara Thompson and Henji Cheung pack charm and flavor into their diminutive restaurant.
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