The dining room is making a comeback

Why so many people are embracing a forgotten space
  • 3 days ago
  • Perspective

One country, endless dishes: A love letter to Indian cuisine

For me, the extraordinary diversity of Indian cuisine is intrinsically tied to memory, family and identity.

Former FDA commissioner: ‘We remain almost equally vulnerable to threat from the next pandemic’

Scott Gottlieb explores in his new book how we were woefully unprepared for the coronavirus — and why.

Date Lab: They were both animated about astrology. Would their stars align?

She thought it was nice to be on a date with someone who didn’t think tarot-card reading was stupid.
  • 6 hours ago
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Gene Weingarten: Corny jokes for preteen folks inspired this edition of ‘Rhymes Against Humanity’

The latest installment of punchlines in the form of poems.
(Nikki Kahn)
(Nikki Kahn)

Design with a social mission

How one man's San Francisco-based start-up is bringing socially responsible industrial design to the furniture business.
  • Review

Oyster Oyster, meatless and marvelous, has become one of D.C.’s best restaurants

Oyster Oyster pushes vegetables center stage and shines a light on chef Rob Rubba
  • Fall Travel Issue

In the Great Smoky Mountains, fireflies have become a source of tourism — and solace

In these dark times, people from all over have sought an entirely different kind of illumination.
  • Sep 7
(Alex Fine for The Washington Post)
(Alex Fine for The Washington Post)

Gene Weingarten: I have a better term for the ‘vaccine-hesitant’

“Vaccine-hesitant” is the expression of the day, but there’s a simpler word.
  • Sep 9

Britain, nationalism and the complicated joy of vacationing in your own country

He’d always believed you have to leave home for a delightful holiday. The pandemic let him test that old thinking.
  • Sep 8

Why this small South Dakota town started the International Vinegar Museum

It needed a tourist attraction, and now there’s a vinegar festival, a vinegar queen — and endless varieties of vinegars to see and sample.
  • Sep 8

U.S. education secretary: ‘We have to muster whatever political will we can to hit the reset button on those things we know didn’t work’

Miguel Cardona discusses achievement disparities between students — and the ways the pandemic has worsened them.
  • Sep 7
  • Review

On Capitol Hill, two ambitious restaurants debut from one thoughtful owner

Hollis Wells Silverman is behind the Duck & the Peach and La Collina

Date Lab: They’re both from the South. Is that enough?

While he was comforted by their similarities, she welcomed some differences.
  • Sep 2

How 9/11 changed TV, art, sports, education, millennials, bigotry, country music, fiction, policing, love — and more

23 writers and five artists reflect on some of the less-obvious ways 9/11 altered our lives.
  • Sep 1
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A rotating cast of artists weighs in on the state of the world