Correction: A previous version of this list should have specified that the total costs of tuition, fees and living expenses shown for the three public universities reflected the higher tuition charged to out-of-state students. The other schools listed are private and offer no residency discounts. The version below has been corrected.

Here are 2012-2013 law school tuition, fees and living expenses.

UC-Berkeley: $77,926 out-of-state, $73,719 in-state

UC-Irvine: $77,129 out-of-state and $70,809 in-state

UCLA: $74,993 out-of-state, $65,148 in-state

Stanford: $74,982

Columbia: $74,970

NYU: $74,704

Northwestern: $74,156

Harvard: $72,764

Yale: $72,675

USC: $72,584

Source: U.S. News & World Report