Do you qualify to participate in the fifth annual Post Hunt on Sunday, June 3?

Take this simple test to find out!

1. Did Benjamin Harrison ever light a goldfish on fire?

2. If Hannah is sitting at a round table next to the librarian’s husband, and the librarian is sitting between Duane and the person who launders Hannah’s underpants, how many people were at little Robbie’s bris?

3. Which is better, Norway or pork?

How to score:

If you are still reading this, you are clearly a little bit “off,” which will make you an ideal participant in the fifth annual Post Hunt on Sunday, June 3.

The Hunt transforms downtown into a gigantic game board for a race to solve puzzles cooked up by Dave Barry, Gene Weingarten and Tom Shroder. It is a vision to behold: Thousands of people swarming the streets, faces scrunched in concentration, staring at maps, as they try to figure out where the Porta-Potties are.

It’s all laid out in the June 3 Washington Post Magazine (so make sure you bring it with you). And you can check out the videos that explain last year’s Hunt puzzles.

The merriment and head-scratching begin at noon sharp at Franklin Park in downtown Washington.

Hunters have three hours to solve five puzzles they will encounter in walking distance of the park. The puzzles are funny and hard, but a lot of weird-but-in-a-good-way people figure them out. Then comes the dreaded End Game, which is the hardest substance known to man on the Mohs hardness scale. The previous was a very weak joke; we are saving our best stuff for the Hunt. Anyway, there is always at least one winner, who takes home two grand. See you there. We hope you like your goldfish well done.


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