After The Washington Post Magazine removed its weekly feature, "Second Glance," this sign went up on an office building on L Street NW, across from The Post building. It reads "Free Second Glance." (Sonya Doctorian/The Washington Post)

When the readers speak, we listen. And when Second Glance fans speak, we listen and listen and listen and listen.

Hundreds of you wrote to complain that we killed the puzzle. Many of you need it with your coffee. Many of you compete to solve it with your children, spouses, neighbors, roommates, friends. Many do it first thing Sundays, others hang onto it all week. Some of you do it for fun, some to keep your mind sharp. Some of you call it At a Glance, others call it Closer Glance. One of you uses it to teach a class. And one preacher has used it in a sermon. One man was elected to complain on behalf of his senior citizens’ home.

And all of you want Second Glance restored.

You got it. We’re giving Second Glance a second chance. It’ll be back April 27. Dare I say it’ll be “bigger and bolder”? Until then, you can find previous Second Glance puzzles here.

Lynn Medford, editor