Interviews by Nina Patel

Eleena Korban, 25, convention coordinator, and Daniel Feeman, 29, security specialist at Arlington National Cemetery. (Photo courtesy of daters)

These eager daters both arrived early to Arlington Rooftop Bar and Grill. Did they make good use of their head start?

Eleena: My back was to the door, and I turned around, and he was gorgeous! I was not expecting that. He has really cute dimples.

Daniel: She was very pretty. I said, “Hi, Eleena,” and she corrected me on the pronunciation.

Eleena: We shook hands, and we ordered drinks.

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Daniel: She had some off-the-cuff questions that [she] and her friends had come up with. Her first question was how old was I and what do I do for a living. This typical D.C. conversation.

Eleena: You know how sometimes you have to pull things from the back of your mind just to talk about anything? There was none of that.

Daniel: We started talking about what we put on our applications. I was too embarrassed to actually write down the last novel I read so I wrote down one I read before: a werewolf novel. The book I actually read was a “Star Wars” book.

Eleena: He felt embarrassed. But geek is the new cool. I wanted to level the playing field.

Daniel: She said, and this was under her breath and with an immense amount of shame, “I love ‘Twilight.’ ” We started teasing each other. We both are geeks about “Star Wars” and sci-fi in general.

Eleena: He does not like Louis C.K. Louis C.K. is my favorite comedian.

Daniel: The biggest difference between us as far as interests go is I either want to be swimming, riding or biking almost all the time.

Eleena: He is super fit. I love activity; I am into weight lifting. I like biking. I like hiking and nature — but not running.

Daniel: I don’t need someone to run the Marine Corps marathon with me. But someone who will do fun runs and will enjoy them.

Eleena: At one point I asked him his biggest flaw.

Daniel: I looked at her dead in the eye, and I said, “A debilitating fear of commitment.”

Eleena: If that’s not a red flag, I don’t know what is! We both laughed about it.

Daniel: When she said she was from Lebanon, I made an assumption and asked her if she was Catholic.

Eleena: He impressed me by guessing correctly. Normally people would assume I am Muslim.

Daniel: Her mother lives in Riyadh. I spent a little time in Riyadh.

Eleena: I asked him, “Why are you still single?” It was probably not a good thing to ask, but again, I am upfront.

Daniel: I truly despise that question. It’s, like, the most polite way to look at somebody and go, “So, what’s wrong with you?” I told her the date could only be a 3.5 after that. Which isn’t true but was still fun to do.

Eleena: We recovered from it.

Daniel: We got after-dinner drinks and closed out the night.

Eleena: He yawned, and I was getting tired. I said: “Hey, it’s clear that we’re at least going to be friends. Let’s exchange numbers and call it a night.” We walked out together.

Daniel: We had an Uber race to see which Uber would get there faster. She won. We hugged and said good-bye.

Rate the date

Eleena: I would say probably 4. Nothing is perfect. It’s hard to get a full score.

Daniel: A 4.25. A 3 is a good date. A 4 — that’s a fantastic date.


Eleena and Daniel went out once after their date, but there weren’t plans for another get-together. Oh, well.

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