Interviews by Amanda McGrath

Liza Sitz, 23, research assistant at NIH, and Mike Imbrenda, 26, economic analyst. (Courtesy of daters)

She’s happiest after hot yoga and is looking for someone who shares her positive attitude and love of working out. He says he’s the “best parts of Don Draper and Ron Swanson” and is looking for someone who is tall, fit and “no-nonsense with relationship stuff.”

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Mike: She got there shortly after I did. I was like, Oh, she’s really cute, definitely someone I would consider attractive.

Liza: I think we kind of hugged — I don’t know! I kind of blacked out at the beginning; I was nervous. He’s pretty built, got some facial hair going on. He was outgoing, and he had a nice smile. Once we started talking he made me feel at ease.

Mike: I had one drink; she didn’t have any. I’m not one of those people on dates who gets angry if I have a drink and they don’t have one.

Liza: I just didn’t feel like it. He wasn’t going to order one, and I was like, “No, dude, get a drink! You want one, and we have a ton of money to spend.”

Mike: We were both yoga skeptics and then started doing it and really, really liked it. We talked about my participation in the cult that is CrossFit. It’s my primary non-happy-hour hobby.

Liza: We talked a pretty good bit about CrossFit, which I didn’t know a lot about in terms of culture. It’s sort of a foreign world to me.

Mike: Every time I tell people I have gym friends, they look at me like I’m crazy, but she was like: “No, I totally get it. I have friends from my yoga studio, too.” When you hear someone’s a yogi, you worry they’re vegetarian, but she was definitely not, which was good, ’cause vegetarians are rough to date sometimes.

Liza: I’m not [a vegetarian, but] I am into weird vegetarian/vegan food. It was okay; there were some things we mismatched on. He seems to be more into the party scene. Which is cool; we’re young, and that’s what guys usually like. I’m more into doing outdoor-adventure-type stuff or chilling, staying in and cooking. I’m not a complete grandma, but I do like different types of stuff.

Mike: I’m very extroverted and live by myself, so I’ll go out randomly to places. But I don’t think there’s a lot of incompatibility there because it’s clear we both like good food and conversation.

Liza: Usually I can feel if someone is into the date if there’s joking going on and it feels like it’s just flowing, and I don’t know if it was flowing.

Mike: We realized it was almost 9, so we flagged down the waiter to get the check. We exchanged numbers.

Liza: There wasn’t awkwardness or any type of Ohmigod, what am I gonna say? I gotta get out of this. He was sweet but just not my type. I’m probably more attracted if someone’s ambitious or passionate about certain things.

Mike: [The date] went well enough that I’m willing to explore it further, but I’m hesitant to make any absolute judgment on whether there’s chemistry.


Mike: A 4 [out of 5]. I thought she was fun, the conversation went well and there’s at least enough mutual interest to merit a second date.

Liza: A 4. We didn’t click on a romantic level. [But] he was totally a nice guy, and someone should definitely swoop in. I would shout out to all the ladies in D.C. to get at it.


Mike and Liza haven’t been in touch, but we liked Liza’s suggestion. If you’re interested in going out with Mike, sign up at Mike says he’s happy to have us set him up again.

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