After the Fall: What Afghanistan Looks Like Since the Taliban Takeover

A photographer traveled to Afghanistan three times since the Taliban returned to power. Here's what he saw.
  • 4 days ago
  • Perspective

How ‘Boomerang,’ the best rom-com ever, ruined me

It would've been easier to be Michael Jordan than Marcus Graham, but that didn't stop a generation of Black men from trying.

Teaching the next generation of Black horseback riders

Horse riders and cowboys are often depicted as White, but Maryland’s City Ranch stresses Black people's historical connection to horses.
  • 6 days ago

Date Lab: It started off well. Then it took a turn.

When asked about red flags, he said no, but “I feel that she’ll probably have red flags on me.”
  • 4 days ago

Date Lab: They both agree that he is ‘definitely a talker’

At one point, she noticed they were talking about work a lot and suggested discussing their interests.
  • Jul 28
(Barbara Davidson/for The Washington Post)
(Barbara Davidson/for The Washington Post)

The Scars of Gun Violence, Seen and Unseen: A Photo Essay

From mass shootings that garner headlines to daily attacks that receive little attention, gun violence takes many forms
  • Jul 27
  • Review

Rania delights with some of the most inspired Indian cooking in D.C.

Rania is serving up some of the most original Indian food in D.C., thanks to chef Chetan Shetty.

Tales from the airplane-chartering gurus who help campaigns take off

The decal work on President Biden’s plane was “so basic.” Bernie Sanders’s schedulers were “disciplined and pleasant.”
  • Jul 26

Jonathan Banks of ‘Better Call Saul’ explains Mike’s saving grace

Veteran actor Jonathan Banks from “Better Call Saul” offers his take on his complicated, beloved character.

From Dry January to Fake Cocktails, Inside the New Temperance Movement

From ‘Cali Sober’ to Dry January to fake cocktails, a new temperance movement has arrived. But if Americans drink less alcohol, is that automatically a good thing?
  • Jul 25
  • Perspective

Someone gave our daughter a White doll. How do we, um, ‘disappear’ it?

When my wife and I noticed our 6-year-old playing with a White baby doll, our immediate thought was “Wait … where did that come from?” We plotted to get rid of it.
  • Analysis

Solution to Evan Birnholz’s July 24 crossword, “Change of Address”

A puzzle from 2019, in memory of those we have lost.
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A rotating cast of artists weighs in on the state of the world