It’s not a coincidence that a president who wants to do whatever he wants has teamed up with an attorney general dedicated to endowing Oval Office occupants with expansive power.
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Bansari Indian Cuisine dares to be different

Journeyman chef Deepak Sarin brings Indian regional cooking — and a lot of eggs — to Vienna

Pfizer CEO on the pressures of creating a covid-19 vaccine: ‘What is at stake is beyond imagination’

Albert Bourla discusses the progress, hopes and the politics of a possible vaccine this fall.
  • 1 day ago

How SNL’s Chloe Fineman became the comedian we need right now

Her impersonations of Tiffany Trump, Carole Baskin and others have brought humor during the pandemic.

These irreverent greeting cards are written by people who’ve experienced homelessness

But Second Story Cards is feeling the pandemic’s economic squeeze.
  • 2 days ago
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Gene Weingarten: I have purchased the worst product ever made

At least New Coke and the Ford Edsel sort of did what they were intended to do. This product does not.
(Alex Fine for The Washington Post)
(Alex Fine for The Washington Post)
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His request was a little ... odd, but you know.
Effective altruism isn’t just about donations. It aims to bring rationality to what people choose to care about.
Sunrise Movement’s Varshini Prakash on setting the agenda for environmental change.
  • Sep 22
These substances are being touted as a game-changing intervention for mental health. But it's not clear if their promise will extend beyond an elite few.
Most of the monuments that have been removed are not of interest to art collectors.
  • Sep 21
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Introducing some odd cocktails for the bar menu.
She liked that he did not seem to be into material things.
  • Sep 17
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How to elevate a small, urban plot for maximum impact.
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