‘For us, by us’: How Black designers are combating inequity in an overwhelmingly White industry

Members of the DC Design Collective, formed last year, are determined to intentionally create change for themselves.
  • 6 days ago

How the pandemic saved Glut, an odd, beloved Maryland food co-op

But as our lives return to normal, will shoppers continue to tolerate its idiosyncrasies and inefficiencies?
  • 6 days ago

CNN’s Don Lemon: ‘We’re living in two different realities as Black and White people’

The news anchor on finding his groove, speaking with authority and confronting racism in America.
  • 5 days ago

Date Lab: They were so instantly comfortable that our photographer asked if they had met before

The conversation flowed as easily as the photo shoot.
  • 3 days ago
  • Perspective

Gene Weingarten: Welcome to another edition of ‘Rhymes Against Humanity’

Readers hate two things the most: poetry and corny old jokes.

Some people save things. Others crave a clean slate. What happens when opposites attract?

How couples navigate differing approaches to clutter.
  • Review

Dauphine’s pays respect to New Orleans with top-notch cooking and cocktails

Dauphine’s nails so many of the details, with design to match.
(isr-pal share)
(isr-pal share)
  • Perspective

A Palestinian writer and an Israeli writer exchange emails — and seek common ground

To get the conversation started, we posed an initial question: Realistically, where do Palestinians and Israelis go from here?
  • Jun 3

Date Lab: The Zoom call lasted about 45 minutes

His Aunt Jean will be disappointed.
  • Jun 10

‘The unparalleled champion’: Bob Dole’s forgotten fight to get Washington to recognize the Armenian genocide

The surgeon who treated Dole’s war wounds was Armenian; now, finally, the U.S. has formally recognized the 1915 atrocity.
  • Review

Tosca returns to business downtown with a fresh look and new chef

Tosca chef Phil Marzelli welcomes regulars and newcomers alike with his beautiful Italian fare
  • Perspective

Gene Weingarten: New York, from the bizarre to the truly bizarre

Toward the end of a year-long pandemic, the city seemed ... wrong.

Date Lab: He doesn’t like small talk. They discussed morality and the Iran nuclear deal.

By the end of the date, they covered some lighter topics, too: fun facts about the world and favorite TV shows.
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A rotating cast of artists weighs in on the state of the world.
A rotating cast of artists weighs in on the state of the world.