(Mike Morgan for The Washington Post)
(Mike Morgan for The Washington Post)
The Tippetts' designer swatched her way through the three floors using 10 shades of paint and dozens of fabrics with blues from aqua to cobalt.
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Restaurant Review
2 stars | Peter Prime’s latest showcases the Trinidadian table
Declutterers — and the guru herself — offer suggestions for four challenges they faced.
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“I feel people’s energy when I’m performing,” the singer says.
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Institutions are seeking “citizen archivists” to type out their holdings for future generations.
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Some scientists worry about the impact on the Rio Grande ecosystem.
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His instincts often lead him in the direction of “bizarre experiences.”
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  • Perspective
The screaming is all in my head.
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Chivalry is not dead.

  • Damona Hoffman
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  • Original photo by Bill Flegel; parking meters on I Street in December.
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The supreme talent and audacious music of the Mattson brothers — and why they’re unlike any band you’ve seen before.

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2 stars | The Petworth institution turns out fish, chicken and sides to remember — plus offers some surprises

The activist struggles to reconcile how Christians can support the administration’s policies.

This charming feline with no eyelids helps humans see the value of animal rescue.

Hint: He’s an emblem of the everyman thinkers of the Internet age.

A writer asks partygoers their thoughts on Qatar’s treatment of journalists.

  • Lia Kvatum
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The social media behemoth has taken ideas from other apps over the years

Carolyn Hax matched these two because they had no clear interests in common. And yet ...

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Members of Tape That Collective creating a mural at The EU Open House at the German Embassy in May, 2019. (Photo by Rachel Albrecht). (Rachel Albrecht)
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A continuously updating collection of stand-alone illustrations from The Washington Post Magazine.
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