Roasted Pork Shank With Red Cabbage Escabeche. (Photo by Renee Comet; styling by Bonnie S. Benwick)

With this dish, Del Campo chef Victor Albisu pulls off a mouthwatering feat, straight from the oven: succulent pork that tastes like it has been roasted on a spit.

He uses skin-on, bone-in pork shank, a cut of Flinstonian proportions you may have to order from your butcher. It is spice-rubbed and slow-cooked, then crisped in a high-heat oven.

A stunning pickled cabbage-red onion escabeche and the Penn Quarter restaurant’s signature green “beau” (short for beautiful) sauce cap the small mountain of flavors and textures.

Recipe: Roasted Pork Shanks With Red Cabbage Escabeche

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