Georgetown University: The Kennedy Institute of Ethics offers a week-long intensive bioethics course, which includes animal ethics, June 4-8.

University of Maryland: “Animal Welfare and Bioethics,” a three-credit course, covers ethical discussions on human-animal relationships and concerns about the use and treatment of animals used in food production, research and zoos, and as pets.

College of William & Mary: Research in Animal Cognition,” a 400-level psychology course about animal thinking processes in terms of perception, attention, working and reference memory, associative learning, spatial navigation, time perception, counting, concept learning and primate cognition.

George Mason University: The Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation was created as partnership between the Smithsonian Institution and George Mason University. Based at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute near Shenandoah National Park in Front Royal, Va., this residential program offers undergraduates two distinct 16-credit semesters in conservation studies. Students work with research scientists, educators and conservation practitioners, focusing on biodiversity and wildlife conservation.

— Julia Duin