I’ve always wanted to be better organized. Finally, with the help of MyStuff2 Pro, I am. Mostly. At least, I’m aware I’ve owned more than 1,727 items in the past year.

I purchased MyStuff2 to keep track of my household belongings and things I was selling. I had already inventoried some books with a program called Book Crawler and tried other apps for cataloguing my music and crafts supplies, but this one does it all. I thought that, though pricey at $8.99, it was worth the cost (a free version has a cap of 15 items; a mid-level version requires extra payment to keep multiple databases, export Excel spreadsheets and customize color).

With MyStuff2 Pro, you can customize categories, locations and actions, as well as add subcategories (what kind of clothing?) and action phases (for sale or sold?) to your heart’s content. You also can color-code categories. You can change the information collected for each category (such as manufacturers’ names for your electronics or the artist of each artwork, and the number of copies you have left of your band’s CD). You can scan barcodes to pull upinformation from Amazon such as stock photos and prices and upload data from other apps, such as Book Crawler, where you might have already started inventorying your things. You can keep track of less tangible categories, such as concerts you’ve attended or progress on a book project, by adding databases.

The app comes with a few categories, locations and actions already programmed. From there, for example, you can add a new item to your music library, specify the format, artist and title, and take a picture (or 30) without having to edit the category. You also can mark your new item as being at home or in storage, and say whether you need to repair it or you lent it to a friend or donated it (very helpful at tax time!).

I found it useful to create a location called “gone” for things I had donated, lost, sold or given away. When moving house, I filtered for things that I had labeled for sale but not gone, and e-mailed a PDF to the person running my moving sale. I also created a handy list of all the contents of my boxes (as well as their values) for moving inventory. I had to insure the boxes and referred to the app to determine their value.

(Courtesy Apple, Inc. )

Developer Rick Maddy, the man behind MaddySoft, says an update is in the works, including automatic data sync between copies, allowing people to automatically share data between devices or with other users in real-time, provided that they share a common Dropbox account. I would have loved this when I was in a hurry to pack. I could have recruited help from friends and family!

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NAME: MyStuff2 Pro

COST: $8.99

OPERATING SYSTEM: iOS 6.0 or later

CREATOR: MaddySoft

USER RATINGS: Apple, all Pro versions, (53)

REVIEW’S BOTTOM LINE:Inventory your life with unlimited items, custom fields, actions and multiple databases.