For Round 3 of the @Work Advice Contest, we challenged six finalists (who are competing for the chance to write a series of columns for The Washington Post Magazine) to step away from the keyboards.

We asked D.C. United Coach Ben Olsen, BET chief executive Debra Lee and cartoonist Nick Galifianakis to get on camera and tell us about a time they faced a difficult situation at work; the contestants then offered their advice via video. Now they’re vying for readers’ votes to stay in the game. The only one who can rest easy? Karla Miller.

The judges chose her for immunity in Round 3. They praised her smart and empathetic advice to Galifianakis, whose dilemma involved a coworker with “vomit-inducing breath.” Judge and Post Magazine Editor Lynn Medford said Miller, 39, was funny and wise, and liked that she gave a variety of options for solving the problem.

It wasn’t a runaway win, however; contestant Abbey Kos, 27, was a close second. Kos also responded to Galifianakis’s problem; she won the judges’ over with her creativity — using illustrations and stop-motion rather than just talking to the camera.

“Karla and Abbey both made great use of the medium and backed it with good advice,” said judge and advice columnist Carolyn Hax. “Their advice was similar except for some subtle shadings. I think Karla has the edge because she looked comfortable on camera, and that’s an extremely difficult thing to do.”

The @Work Advice Contest

Miller is safe, but the others — Kos, along with Leslie Anderson, 38; Cindy Coe, 50; Michele Woodward, 51; and Dean Buckley, 43 — still need your support to advance.

Go to to watch their videos and vote for your favorite before 11:59 p.m. ET tonight.