The results of Round 4 of the @Work Advice Contest are in!

There were 2,600 votes cast in our live chat round; here’s how they broke down:

Michele Woodward : 43%

Cindy Coe : 30%

Karla Miller : 17%

The @Work Advice Contest

Abbey Kos : 10%

Voting closed at 11:59 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Oct. 18. There was no immunity awarded in this round, which meant that any of the contestants could have been eliminated.

So now we say goodbye to Abbey Kos ; as the lowest vote-getter this time, she won’t advance to the final judging.

The panel of @Work Advice judges — Washington Post Magazine and SundayStyle editor Lynn Medford, senior editor Sydney Trent, advice columnist Carolyn Hax, Society for Human Resource Management’s Eric Peterson and business psychologist and founder of the Center for Progressive Development Douglas LaBier — will convene Thursday to determine which of the final three should win the prize of a series of columns in The Washington Post Magazine. The final call is up to them, but now, readers, you should take a moment to make the case for your favorite contestant in the comments section below. Tell us who you think should win, whose advice you’d like to keep reading, and why. Your comments might be the deciding factor as the judges contemplate this difficult decision.


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