Hundreds of elementary schools in the area offer foreign language before or after school through PTA-funded or fee-based programs. But here’s a look at what Washington-area school systems are funding and providing to their students. Many of the immersion or specialty programs enroll pupils on a lottery basis.


Foreign language programs in three of 13 elementary schools.

Dual-language program at John Adams Elementary School and Mount Vernon Community School. ●Jefferson-Houston School offers foreign language through the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program. ●Language: Spanish

Arlington County

Foreign language programs in 16 of 22 elementary schools. Immersion programs at Key and Claremont elementary schools. ●Foreign Language in Elementary School programs at 14 schools. ●Foreign Language Exploratory program for fifth-graders in six elementary schools, after school, funded by the school district. ●Language: Spanish


D.C. Public Schools

Foreign language offered in 64 of 78 schools with elementary grades. Seven schools offer dual-language programs: Bancroft, Bruce Monroe at Park View, Cleveland, Oyster-Adams, Powell, Marie Reed and Tyler. ●More than 50 schools offer Foreign Language in Elementary School or instruction before or after school, funded by the school district. ● Languages: French, Latin, Mandarin, Spanish

D.C. Public Charter Schools

Many public charter schools offer some foreign language instruction, but these schools include foreign language as part of their core mission: Briya, DC Bilingual, Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom, Latin American Montessori Bilingual, Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy, Mundo Verde Bilingual, Sela, Washington Yu Ying. ●Languages: French, Hebrew, Mandarin, Spanish

Fairfax County

Foreign language offered in 71 of 139 elementary schools. Partial or two-way immersion programs in 16 schools. Partial: Fox Mill, Fort Hunt, Great Falls, Kent Gardens, Laurel Ridge, Orange Hunt, Ravensworth. Two-way: Bailey’s, Colin Powell, Braddock, Groveton, Lake Anne, London Towne, Rose Hill, Washington Mill. Both: Herndon. ●Foreign Language in Elementary Schools offers about an hour of instruction a week in 55 schools. ●Languages: Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish

Loudoun County

Foreign language offered in 0 of 56 elementary schools. Instruction begins in seventh grade.

Montgomery County

Foreign language offered in seven of 133 elementary schools.

Immersion programs in seven schools: College Gardens, Potomac, Maryvale, Sligo Creek, Burnt Mills, Rolling Terrace, Rock Creek Forest. ● Languages: Chinese, French, Spanish

Prince George’s County

Foreign language offered in 25 of 123 elementary schools. Ten neighborhood elementary schools offer a World Language Elementary program this year, providing instruction between two and five days a week. ●Eight schools have an International Culture and Language program, which introduces students in Talented and Gifted programs to various languages and cultures. ●The county also offers the following specialty programs: Montessori and foreign language programs at John Hanson and Robert Goddard. ● Full immersion programs at Phyllis E. Williams and Overlook. ● Dual-language program at Cesar Chavez. ●Dual-language/STEM program at Capitol Heights. ● Partial immersion/STEM programs at Paint Branch. ●Languages: Chinese, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian

Prince William County

Foreign language offered in 10 out of 60 schools that have elementary grades. World Language in Elementary Schools program provides 45 minutes of instruction at least once a week at 10 schools. ● Languages: Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish

Source: World language or media relations departments for each school system

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