Chase Agapito, 24, intelligence analyst, and Amanda Bradley, 26, teacher. (Photo courtesy of daters/Photo courtesy of daters)

Chase Agapito, 24, an intelligence analyst, enjoys clubbing and sees himself as a fashionable gentleman. Amanda Bradley, 26, a middle-school language and social studies teacher, describes herself as friendly and close to her family, and says she’s a beer fan. Both are of mixed ethnicity, speak Spanish, like fancy footwear and healthy eats, and attend Catholic services weekly. He asks, “Will the Date Lab gurus find Chase a woman who can keep up with his international pursuits?” We sent them to Clarity in Vienna, Va., to find out.

Chase: I see a girl in a red car pulling into a spot, and not too many people go to a restaurant by themselves. I said, “Amanda?” The timing was perfect.

Amanda: He had a nice smile, friendly-looking eyes. He was cute. I was like, “Okay. This will be fun.”

Chase: She looked mixed, maybe Latina. Shorter, which is nice; I’m not the tallest guy. She definitely had a nice smile and was very outgoing, very pretty.

Amanda: They asked if we wanted to sit at a table or at the chef’s counter. At first we sat at the table, and then ... we were both really glad that we moved.

Chase: The conversation came easily. She’s a local Virginia girl; [I’m] from New Jersey myself. She used to do dance, and she seemed pretty surprised when I said I don’t mind going out to a night out at the Kennedy Center for a ballet show.

Amanda: He didn’t seem the type, but he was like, “Yeah, I’ve seen this show and this show and this show.” We realized that we’re both mixed race, so we bonded about people being like, “So, what are you?” We both like to cook and stay fit.

Chase: We even studied in the same community in Spain, Valencia, [but] not at the same time. Last summer we both went to Italy — I think we just missed each other.

Amanda: We talked about going to church and being the young one in a church of older people. We talked about food. ... The chef came over a couple of times and gave us random things.

Chase: You rarely get the opportunity to meet the chef-owner. The chef kind of made the night.

Amanda: They gave us the menus, and they were all covered in text, and we were like, “Oh my gosh! This is overwhelming.”

Chase: It was a fine-dining experience, which I haven’t really been accustomed to but I thoroughly enjoyed. That helped make the night go well because we both were stumbling our way through, but both willing to try new things.

Amanda: We talked about how we don’t frequently go to such nice places with such a big purse to spend.

Chase: We started off with cuttlefish, then some cavatelli with braised lamb, then foie gras.

Amanda: We also had sea urchin. We shared everything.

Chase: It was a pretty cool experience and a different type of crowd there. Not the type of crowd that you’re going to find in TGI Fridays or Applebee’s.

Amanda: I threw in some funny lines here and there. He wasn’t overly dry or sarcastic, so I liked that. It was a happy sense of humor.

Chase: Yeah, we were laughing. There was definitely touching.

Amanda: We were sitting pretty close to each other. I thought there was chemistry.

Chase: I had it in my mind maybe we could go to the movies afterward, but we had such a good time, we were the last ones there. The chef was having a beer next to us.

Amanda: Waitstaff, the cooks and everyone was starting to change out of their chef whites. We closed the place down.

Chase: We said, “I guess we’ll head out.” It was pretty mutual. I got her number, and we agreed to hang out again. We gave a hug and a kiss on the lips.

Amanda: We were both like, Text me when you get home, tell me you’re safe. I got home first. He texted me the pictures we took.

Chase: I’d be happy to hang out with her again and get to know her more. We definitely can relate on a lot of stuff.

Amanda: It was a fun date. He was a fun person. I’d see him again.

Rate the date

Chase: 4 [out of 5]. I can be a little picky, so I don’t rush into things.

Amanda: 4.5. I’m a teacher. I don’t like to give 100 percent.


They texted during the week and went to dinner.