Eight questions students and parents can ask as they think about applying to summer college programs:

1. Do I have an academic or other interest I’d like to explore with people my age?

2. Am I familiar with the application process and deadline? Many programs are accepting applications now.

3. Do I want a residential program, meaning I live on campus for several weeks? Or would I prefer a commuter option?

4. If it is a residential program, what supervision is offered for the students? Are there chaperones who live with the students?

5. Is the program operated by the university or a private company partnering with the university?

6. Are the instructors professors at the university during the school year?

7. Does the program offer college credit?

8. What is the total cost of the program? This can include tuition, room and board, transportation, books, application fees and other costs. Is financial assistance available?

— Allison Klein