About the daters

Happiest when …

Lisa: I am outside in the sunshine.

Michael: I am socializing and interacting with interesting people.

Interests to share …

Lisa: Fitness and nutrition, outdoors, hiking, biking, travel, cooking, reading, puzzles.

Michael: Traveling, yoga, soccer, family-oriented, outdoors.

Your idea of funny …

Lisa: Droll, dry sense of humor.

Michael: A sarcastic, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” sense of humor.

Dream date …

Lisa: Romantic, gorgeous, intelligent, funny, early to rise and early to bed, traveler, independently wealthy so we can both retire and see the world while eating good food and burning it off with extreme trips like climbing Kilimanjaro.

Michael: Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn. She’s the ideal mix of risk-taking, poise and beauty.

The date: 12 p.m., Go Ape! treetop adventure course, Rockville

Lisa: I was excited, [and] I was intrigued about meeting somebody new. I got there just past noon, checked in and waited for Michael.

Michael: I got there, and Lisa was already there. I thought she was cute. I guess my type is athletic, and she was more on the thin side. We covered the bases of the get-to-know-you kind of stuff. It was good conversation, but she was not super-talkative. It wasn’t like she was antisocial or withdrawn, but not super-outgoing. I am an outgoing extrovert.

Lisa: He looked like a nice guy. Maybe I like my guys a little rougher around the edges. He had gel spiking up his hair, and his legs were shaved, probably because he’s a super-triathlete. He was friendly. We probably talked for five minutes before a trainer came and took us down to the course. It’s like an obstacle course where you swing from tree to tree, and there are different platforms and nets and zip lines you have to go down.

Michael: It was a good date activity because you’re not just face to face with someone the whole time, like an interview. It was pretty easy for the both of us; we actually circled back and did a couple of the obstacles more than once. While we were up there, we were talking about the course itself and to other people on it. I actually got the e-mail address of one of the instructors because he is a swim coach, and I work with a lot of triathletes that need swimming instructions.

Lisa: I was thinking, Are you really going to use him, or can we just move along? And everybody he met from California, he’d be like: “Oh, my God! I’m from California, too!” I have a feeling he is more of a people person than I am. He was like, “I took tango lessons with my friend,” and “I was at this happy hour the other night.” I don’t really go out to bars or go dancing. I like to take walks, go to the beach, take car rides with the top down, just get out.

Michael: I don’t think we have much in common. I’m out six nights a week, refereeing pre-professional soccer games, doing triathlons, sitting on several boards. I’ve got a couple of side businesses. She works at a job that she self-described as “boring” and worked out by doing elliptical at her house and then watching TV before bed. I think I am more of an adventure-seeking type of person and she is more of an adventure-following type of person, if that makes sense.

Lisa: I love the outdoors. All my vacations are to destinations where I can get the most out of nature. I’ll take a hike over a night at the bar any day. [After the course,] there was food waiting for us from Lebanese Taverna. It was kind of annoying to me that he kept pointing out what every food was to me. I think he did it because he’s into nutrition and has clients that he tells what to eat for training purposes. He was like, “Okay, Lisa. This is pita. This is hummus.” I didn’t think that was necessary. I’m a big girl.

Michael: After eating, we walked down to the nearby lake for a couple minutes. Then we walked back to the picnic area, cleaned up and headed to our cars. We both took pictures on our digital cameras, so we exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addresses so we could swap pictures.

Lisa: We were like: “Nice to have met you. This was a good time!” I gave him a hug goodbye. I think that we clicked, in a way. We had the same perspective on being active and athletic. As far as romance goes, there wasn’t any. I would probably say the date was a 4 [out of 5]. I had a really good time with the activity, and he’s a good guy. There just wasn’t any chemistry.

Michael: I would give the match part of the date — she and I — probably a 2 out of 5. The date activity I would give a 4 out of 5. Overall, it was a fun time. That night, she added me as a friend on Facebook and commented on how many friends I have. I think she has something like 65 or 75 friends, and I have, like, 3,300. We’ll see what happens.

UPDATE: Lisa defriended Michael on Facebook a week after the date. “I defriended him because of the whole shaving-his-legs thing and the hair gel,” she told us. “Also, I saw he’s on Twitter, which is pretty dorky.” Was she worried that by defriending him she would offend him? “No. I think he is a friend collector so he probably didn’t notice.” Indeed, Michael didn’t notice. How does he feel about the Facebook dis? “It doesn’t bother me at all.”

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