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Stephen and Becky had just the right amount of crossover on their applications: Like dogs? Check. Close to their families? Noted. Affinity for athletic activity and sarcastic humor? Yup and yup. But, really, what caught our eye was Stephen’s declaration that a “girl on the taller side is more attractive to me.” So, we matched up the 6-foot-1 Stephen with 5-foot-11 Becky (who said setting her up with a short guy was a deal-breaker).

7:30 p.m., Cashion’s Eat Place, Adams Morgan

Stephen: I thought she was very pretty. I don’t meet many girls like her. She was tall and athletic but also cool and relaxed at the same time. I don’t usually [date tall women], but that is something that I’m attracted to.

Becky: He was good-looking, an all-American-looking guy. He didn’t
stand out in any way. That sounds terrible … [but] I see a million faces
all the time with bartending. Honestly, most people don’t stand out to me unless they’re crazy good-looking
or super tall.

Stephen: She seemed a little reserved at first, as was I. We started talking about what we like doing for fun.

Becky: We’re both active people, but we’re not the same sort of active people. I’m really outdoorsy. He likes playing team sports, which I don’t like at all.

Stephen: I don’t do [those kinds of outdoor activities] as much, but I like doing them when I finally get the chance to. I try to get my exercise in through sports.

Becky: I don’t watch a ton of television, but I hate when people are like, “I don’t even own a television.” We talked a ton about TV, which was nice. We talked about “The Wire,” because I’m currently watching it and he said it
was one of his favorites. [But] I don’t think we watch the same type of things. He was like, “I like ‘Seinfeld’ a lot,” and I was like, “I like ‘The Walking Dead’ a lot.”

Stephen: I would say we were both laughing quite a bit. I don’t think I know enough about her to say we have the exact same sense of humor.

Becky: I like people who are kind of crass and sarcastic and, like, really over-the-top. I didn’t really think he had the same sense of humor as I did.
I just want someone who’s super funny.

Stephen: We started talking about our social beliefs. We have very similar ideas when it comes to religion, same-sex marriage, things of that nature.

Becky: Throughout the course of the date, he was just really easy to talk to and nice, and he seemed pretty humble. It seemed like he had a really strong sense of family, which I thought was really cool.

Stephen: I felt like there was some chemistry, especially toward the end of the night.

Becky: Toward the last part of the date, he tried to plan a second time to go out. He asked if I was free [the next day], which I’m not — I have school.

Stephen: I asked if she wanted to do anything after — meaning, after dinner — but I think she took that as after, as in later on in the week.

Becky: I had to go home and do some studying. I don’t think I noticed his height until we got up to leave ... but
I think he was probably, like, 6 feet at most. Which actually is a deal-breaker for me. I’d rather be with someone taller. I’m really tall; I just generally like guys that are tall. He walked me home. I thought it was super, super nice.

Stephen: We exchanged numbers at her door, and there was a hug and a peck on the cheek.

Rate the date

Becky: I don’t think there was much chemistry. I would probably give it a 3.5 [out of 5.] I think it was just a friend kind of thing. But he was really cute and nice and seems like a genuine person.

Stephen: I would rate it at a solid 4. She was very easy to talk to, a very nice person; the restaurant was pretty great. But the 4 is mainly for her, not the restaurant.

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UPDATE: Stephen suggested getting together to play tennis or for a trivia night, but their conflicting schedules got in the way. And neither seemed motivated to overcome that hurdle. “I just don’t see anything romantic happening with us,” Becky said; Stephen agreed. In sum: Meh.

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