(Courtesy of the daters)
About the daters ...
Brag a little ...

Priska: I have a lot of talents: singing, writing, playing guitar, doing highly accurate impressions of animal sounds. I can cook. I like children. I’m a good friend and a good listener. I’m definitely the type of girl you can bring home
to Mom, but am also a lot of fun.

Kerry: I have a job that I love, I am educated, I have a great ability to laugh at myself, and I work hard at everything I do and care about.

Your type ...

Priska: I’m very into broad shoulders and long eyelashes! I like well-built guys. I’m really short, so guys over 5-11 make me kinda uncomfy, but those are also the ones who like me.

Kerry: Shorter than I am, any ethnicity (preferably interracial), fit, intelligent, someone who can speak confidently and keep up in conversation. Also needs to be able to understand my sense of humor.

Funny is ...

Priska: Clever banter. Someone who understands my sarcasm and jokes, and can make quick-fire, complimentary responses. Someone with a good memory who can make fun of you by bringing up things you’ve said in the past. Someone who can tell stories without cursing.

(Courtesy of the daters)

Kerry: Really confident, intelligent humor, not afraid to make a [fool] of herself in the process. I really don’t mind controversial or edgy humor. I appreciate dry humor, too, just not too snarky or negative.

Interests to share ...

Priska: I like music, a really wide array of music, so I would need them to be open to that. I’m a very creative person, so I would like them to be in a field that allows creativity, not just hard facts. Open to trying new things. I’d hope they’d have a good family relationship. Interest in entrepreneurism.

Kerry: I like to go out, so I hope she does, too, watching/going to movies, generally eating healthy, listening to a lot of different, awesome music.

About the date ...

7:30 p.m., Regent Thai Cuisine, Adams Morgan

Priska:I was kind of nervous. I had some friends distract me after work for a while so I wouldn’t think about it too much. We just went out after work and talked about other things. After that I took the Metro [and] got to the restaurant around, like, 7:26. They showed me to the table.

Kerry: I was excited and nervous, I guess. I’ve never been on a blind date before. I had just gotten off work and just showered and drove because I really don’t like taking the Metro. I got there probably, like, 7:35.

Priska: I didn’t see when he came in, but I did hear a voice that was like, “Oh, is she here yet?” So I knew that he was walking over. I stood up and we, like, shook hands. I thought he was a good-looking guy. He did meet my shoulder criteria. That really is a thing for me, shoulders. I did wonder how old he was, though. I don’t date that much, but in my mind I like to date guys who are a few years older than me. But I wouldn’t want someone to judge me on my age, so I wouldn’t do that to him.

Kerry: I noticed she had a nice dress on. I thought she was very cute, nice skin, complexion. Right at that moment, she wasn’t someone who caught my eye, but I did think she was cute. I could see myself in the future being physically attracted to her. We sat down, and we discussed some appetizers and drinks. She’s allergic to some things, so I decided what I wanted based on what she could eat.

Priska: He asked me something like, “So, tell me about yourself,” and I was like, Um, that is not how a conversation is going to progress. But anyway, I said, “Well, you know, there’s a lot since we don’t know anything other than each other’s first names. ...”

Kerry: [It was] pretty much the date interview: Where are you from, what do you do, where do you work? We talked about her family a lot, her friends as well. She’s traveled to a few African countries, and we talked about that [and] my travels to Europe.

Priska:We’re both from the Silver Spring area, so we went into that conversation. I think I’m pretty good with not being awkward. I had a lot of questions in my back pocket in the beginning, but it definitely wasn’t forced, and as the evening went on, there was not awkward silence.

Kerry: You get to that point where it’s not necessarily awkward or anything, but you run out of interview questions, so you’re trying to think of something to say. So it did get to that point, but it was fine. We ordered entrees about an hour or so down the line.

Priska: We talked about music, which was pretty good. We had some artists that we both liked, and I told him about my music stuff.I write songs and play the guitar. He seemed interested in that. There was a lot of laughing, smiling. I wasn’t going to be particularly flirtatious, but it wasn’t forced, and it wasn’t robotic.

Kerry: I’m not really good at flirting. [But] I’m attracted to someone who is very down-to-earth and cultured, and that is what I was getting out of the conversation. She just kind of does what she wants — she goes to open mikes, and she sings at a place once a month — and that’s what I like, because I’m trying to find that in myself. That’s where I found myself attracted to her.

Priska: My type is just someone who you feel you can talk to, who has an interesting career path and is interested in what they do. I don’t go out a lot, so I guess someone who likes to be social but is not a complete party-animal person, which it seems he’s not.

Kerry:She wanted to take some more pictures, so we did. I wasn’t as into having fun with it as she was, but it was fun. The conversation wrapped up. I think [it was] a little after 10.

Priska: We didn’t really particularly feel like doing anything else. Not because of, “Oh, I need to get away from you,” but because it just seemed complete. He gave me a ride to my neighborhood.

Kerry: We exchanged numbers. I was like, “I could call you.” I’m pretty nonchalant about that whole thing.

Priska: I have a very weird, temperamental phone: There are some people who I cannot receive text messages from. So we had to conduct this experiment, and he failed the test. My phone rejected him. He said that’s fine because he’s not into texting anyway, and he would give me a call. There was no hug. We were in a car, so it was kind of weirder than the Metro exit, but we said good night.

Kerry: I would say, based on where I am now in my life and career-wise and just moving into D.C., I’d probably [rate the date] a 3.75 [out of 5]. I kind of felt like she would be someone that I’d be interested in if I was, like, 28 or 29. She’s kind of in the scene that I want to be in someday, but I’m just not there yet.

Priska: I feel like [the date was] a 4.2. I don’t know about this in terms of what he thought, which is where you always are after you go on a date, but I thought that he was a nice guy and I had a nice time.

UPDATE: Kerry and Priska had traded e-mails about Priska’s “Ode to Condiments,” an original song she posted on YouTube. “He liked it,” she promises. (If you’re passionate about ketchup and maple syrup, you might, too.) But despite the musical bonding, a second date hadn’t been lined up by press time.

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