(Courtesy of the daters)

About the daters ...

Last book read ...

Jamie: The “Game of Thrones” series. All of them. I’m a shameless dork.

Lance: The Hunger Games.” Don’t judge me.

Desired superpower ...

Jamie: To be happy with only four hours of sleep. I think that’s a superpower.
I can barely function on a solid eight hours.

Lance: Reading people’s minds.
You could gain insurmountable knowledge and even possibly unlock the world’s greatest secret: how women’s minds work!

(Courtesy of the daters)
Desert-island DVDs ...

Jamie:  “Swiss Family Robinson,”
The Blue Lagoon,” “Cast Away.”
Theme night!

Lance: The Goonies,” “The Hangover” and obviously, “Cast Away.”

Brag a little ...

Jamie: I have an interesting job, friends and family, and I travel and try new things all the time. I can drive a stick shift, cook, bake and name all the titles of every James Bond movie in chronological order.

Lance: I’m always honest; I don’t play games. If I’m into somebody, I’m going to show them. I’m very family-oriented. I’ll admit when I’m wrong, as hard as that can be. I’m witty, and I can really just have a great time doing almost anything.

About the date ...

7:30 p.m., Lincoln, downtown

Jamie: I couldn’t have been sitting down a couple of minutes before he got there. I stood up, and we went through the “Lance, Jamie, nice to meet you” thing.

Lance: It was that awkward “should we hug, should we shake?” I gave her a little hug. She’s a good-looking girl. I do like long, dark hair on a woman. I had a very good first impression.

Jamie: I thought he was handsome. He was very clean-cut. I go for tall, skinny, nerdy white guys, but given my background working in conflict zones, a military type would also be up my alley.

Lance: The very first thing she said to me was, “So, I’m guessing Afghanistan,” which caught me off guard. I thought I looked like a regular old white boy.

Jamie: He thought that I meant was he Afghan, so we straightened that out.

Lance: It turns out she had spent a lot of time in Afghanistan for her job, so she just assumed that’s how they matched us up.

Jamie: He hadn’t been to Afghanistan, but he had a military background, so we talked a little bit about that. I had a frame of reference and context for the kinds of things that he did. We got a bunch of [food] to share. We got along really well; neither of us had a problem with keeping the conversation going.

Lance: We got into discussing 1980s movies; I think we were almost having an ’80s movie quote-off. She used to work at a video store when she was younger, so she pretty much has all these movie quotes down pat. We were just laughing and having a good time.

Jamie: He told funny stories, had a sense of humor. [We had] the same vein of funny, random things that happen to you while traveling.

Lance: I’m still pretty new [to Washington], so I’m still trying to explore what the area has to offer. I told her I’ve only been to a couple of museums in D.C., one of which was the Spy Museum. She asked if I had seen the James Bond villains exhibit. That segued into her telling me of her love for James Bond and action movies in general, which I find pretty cool because most girls are into, like, “The Notebook.”

Jamie: I did mention that D.C. has a couple of good outdoor ice skating rinks in the winter. He said he’s never ice skated. I told him that if me and my friends go next month, I’ll invite him. Mostly because it’ll be fun for him to learn, and it’ll be fun for us to watch him fall down.

Lance: For the most part, it felt more friendly than flirtatious. I didn’t really feel like she was very flirty with me.

Jamie: There was some teasing and some back-and-forth. It’s hard to tell where you stop with being friendly and getting to know someone and where you start with flirting.

Lance: We knew we had other engagements to tend to early in the morning, but if we hadn’t, I think
I could have seen myself going somewhere else and continuing
the night.

Jamie: It was getting late; we had to be responsible. I think we left about 11 or thereabouts.

Lance: She told me she would invite me to some happy hours and introduce me to some people, which was really cool because I am new in town and still don’t know a whole lot of people. She actually asked for my phone number.

Jamie: He would probably have asked [for my number] anyway. I think I beat him to the punch. [And] I think it is normal to do things with someone you might date in a group setting anyways, and since we don’t know each other all that well and I am not a very serious dater in a lot of ways.

Lance: I had parked two blocks away. I waited there with her, and she flagged down a cab. We said our good-byes, and I gave her a little hug.

Jamie: I thought he had a really good personality; he was nice and he was friendly. I’m going to go ahead and give him a 4 [out of 5]. Once we established that we had enough
to talk about, I just relaxed and had
a good time.

Lance: I would rate it a 4. It exceeded my expectations of a blind date. I didn’t know if this girl would have anything in common with me or everything in common with me, but we never really had a dull moment, and it was an easy, flowing conversation. We laughed all night and had a good time.

UPDATE: Jamie invited Lance for a drink, but the holidays made scheduling a challenge. She says they’ll keep trying.

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