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He’s a triathlon competitor who thrives on risk. She’s a whip-smart knockout with wit and good taste. Will our two high achievers find success on this blind date at Charlie Palmer Steak on Capitol Hill?

Earl: I wanted to make sure I was there before she was, so I got there a few minutes early. She came in — she’s very pretty; looked like she kept herself very fit.

Carla: He got up and went to shake my hand and then said he couldn’t.

Earl: I had shoulder surgery on Tuesday and went out on the date on Friday. I definitely couldn’t lift my arm.
Carla: He explained about his surgery and that he was temporarily off the medication for the evening so he would be, you know, “with it” for the night. He seemed very friendly. [He’s] probably not [someone who would catch my eye], no. But he was very easy to talk to and made me feel at ease.

Earl: She was very nice and interesting and smart. We work in the same industry. She seems very pleasant and nonstressful.

Carla: I told him I’m trying to figure out why it took [Date Lab] so long to find someone for me, but you got someone right away!

Earl: To be honest, I’ve never seen [Date Lab] or read anything about it.

Carla: A friend told him that he should apply, so he said he did. I was like: “You didn’t even look it up online? Or anything after [they picked you]?” He goes, “No!”

Earl: Well, that’s me. You’re gonna meet somebody new, what’s the worst that can happen — you never see ’em again? I’ll be a perfect gentleman the whole time, so it’s not like they’re gonna run off screaming!

Carla: I said [Date Lab] probably [matched us] because you’re funny.

Earl: My kids are constantly telling me I’m nowhere near as funny as I think I am. But I think once the date went on, we were making each other laugh.

Carla: Definitely similar sense of humor. [That’s] important to me. A lot of guys don’t get my humor.

Earl: She looked like she was in shape of course, but she doesn’t race. She had just come off of a foot injury [and] was just starting to run again.

Carla: He’s working out for his Ironman triathlon. I kinda work out, but I would never have described myself as athletic.

Earl: I’m a huge risk-taker. I’ve done seven start-ups. I still like to go to Vegas and Atlantic City and throw dice. My daughter came home from school and said: “Hey, Dad, I want to go skydiving, and I want you to come with me,” and I said, “Sure, let’s go.”

Carla: He’s a risk-taker, gambler type of person ... whereas I work at a government contracting job, 9 to 5 every day, and I don’t like to take risks.

Earl: I don’t think there was anything flirtatious. It was certainly a very equal conversation, back and forth.

Carla: I didn’t feel a chemical attraction or that spark where sometimes you know right away. But, again, he’s the type of guy, the more I got to know, maybe. Toward the end of the date, he was texting. It didn’t really bother me, but things maybe sort of fizzled near the end. We hugged, and then that was that.

Earl: We actually talked about getting together again. I said, “Come on out, I’ll cook you dinner sometime.” It seemed like she was interested. I texted her [that night, but then] I accidentally deleted her number after the text. Tell her that I apologize ...and that she should text me.


Earl: I’d probably give it a 4. What would be a 5? You fall in love and run off to Vegas and get married? No, we didn’t do that. But I had a really nice time and would love to get together and get to know her better.

Carla: I’d say a 3. It was a good date. But a really good date would have been someone where you [say] let’s go here, continue the night. And someone I was really attracted to physically would have made it a great date.

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UPDATE: We told Carla that Earl had lost her number, leaving the ball in her court. She told us she wouldn’t be opposed to another date, but she has been busy with work and a bit skeptical about the “lost number” line, so she hasn’t reached out to him. (“Sadly, it is 100 percent authentic,” Earl says.)


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