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Like many Date Lab applicants, Kenneth and Connor both listed travel and restaurants among their passions. But they had other, more obscure interests in common, including avant-garde cinema and a shared desire to be able to teletransport. We sent them to Bombay Club downtown. ...

Kenneth: The worst thing about being in the restaurant industry is I don’t get to go out to eat a lot, ’cause I’m working a lot. I arrived first, so I went to the bar to have a glass of wine. [About 15 minutes later], he came up to me and introduced himself.

Connor: I was surprised when [Date Lab told me my date’s name was] “Kenneth.” The only thing that I thought was the character from “30 Rock.” But he seemed like a really nice guy, and he was good-looking. He’s a little outside of my type, but I didn’t find him unattractive. He looked a little nervous. I ordered a Glenlivet, then we just started talking. He grew up in Boston, and I grew up on Long Island. He’d lived in New York; I also lived in New York. We were drawing a lot of similarities, just right off the bat.

Kenneth: He was very well put-together; I was underdressed. I thought he was very attractive, but I wanted to get to know him a little more before any final thoughts about that. The first thing that set me at ease was the drink that he ordered was Scotch. I [thought], That’s good. He likes Scotch, so I trust him. We decided that we would get a bunch of stuff. [I used to manage an Indian restaurant], so he basically told me to order everything. I also know quite a bit about wine, so I ordered a bottle. Everything was fantastic.

Connor: He ordered things that I would not have, but I was pleasantly surprised by everything. I will go to places and I will order the thing I know I like, but I wanted to go and try something new, because I was already trying all these new things. It was actually really nice, because we fell into a natural [conversational] rhythm. It was awesome to meet somebody who liked food as much as I did. We talked a lot about food and the restaurant business. He was talking about how much he loves Korean food, and I was like, “Oh, I know this really great Korean restaurant; we should go,” and he was like, “Yeah, totally.”

Kenneth: We were all over the place on topics. I was impressed he knew a lot of the same artists and bands that I do, because I like a lot of esoteric stuff. We both talked about our family history and our childhoods. I think the most surprising thing was that we had so much in common, when it came to the way we were raised and the [strict] religions we were raised in. So that was good that we connected on that, that someone understands how much of a mess that can be. It was very easy to talk to him; it felt like I had known him for a lot longer than I had. We actually have plans to go [out] next week. I think just a continue-getting-to-know-each-other/date, I guess?
I think it would probably be a little too early to assume anything or to guess where this is going to go, but I definitely — I’m interested.


Connor: We kind of said: “Let’s not call it a date, ’cause labels are terrifying, but let’s go out again.” We’re actually going out with another couple, friends of mine, so I guess you can call it a double date, I don’t know! [I would rate this date] about a 4 [out of 5]. It wasn’t the best date I’ve been on in my entire life, it was not fireworks, but he seemed really nice, and that’s not something you meet in a lot of guys. I want to explore it more before
I say I’m madly in love with him; do you know what I mean? I think there’s potential for anything.

Kenneth: I would rate it a solid 4 or 4½. It was a really great experience. He’s just very easy to talk to. We discussed what types of guys we’re both attracted to. We had very similar taste, as far as what we were looking for, so I think the potential’s definitely there.

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Update: Unfortunately, Kenneth and Connor had to cancel their Korean food plans because of their busy schedules.
But they’ve continued to text each other, and both say they look forward to seeing
the other again.