Jason, originally from Pennsylvania, and Jodi, a third-generation Washingtonian, both love playing sports and say that if they could choose to have a superpower, it would be reading minds. He’s into politics and she’s not, but we thought they seemed like people who were up for anything. And we were right! They met up at Capitol City Brewing Company in downtown Washington. ...

Jodi : [When I signed up for Date Lab,] I’d just gotten out of a relationship and thought it would be a fun thing to do to help me move on. I was really excited, not very nervous.

Jason : My friends probably wouldn’t believe it, but I’m a pretty shy guy. I thought it was awesome, though, a great opportunity. I told everyone at work. I work in an elementary school, so it’s me and 60 women. They found it very entertaining. I saw her come in, and I thought it was probably her. She was very attractive. I stood up, and we shook hands. It wasn’t awkward like a lot of the Date Labs say it’s awkward. It just kind of flowed; it was cool.

Jodi : He did not look like [the kind of] guy that I usually go for. Sometimes when I date people with blond hair and blue eyes I feel like I’m dating my sibling or something. Nothing wrong with the look, just wasn’t my type. I mean, it wasn’t like this won’t work at all; [I was] excited to talk to him and see what he’s like and see if it could work. He looked very friendly.

Jason : We just dove into conversation. It was easy, ’cause you start the conversation off with Date Lab, which just led to talking about our lives, what we do, where we live, all those types of things. We had some conversations about a lot of things that we agreed not to talk about in [our] Date Lab [interviews] — like family, and all kinds of things; we did get pretty deep. The most interesting part of the date was not at the restaurant. I mentioned that [I have a] friend who is struggling with a terrible form of cancer, [and there was] a benefit for her at Nellie’s, which is a gay bar nearby, and drag queen bingo was going on. And so I said, “Would you want to go?” and she said, “Yes. Finish your beer, we’re going.”

Jodi : I actually live kind of close to Nellie’s, so it was kind of on my way home. We were having a great time, and I love drag queen bingo. It seemed like it was too fun to pass up. Of course, the drag queens found out we were on Date Lab, so they did a thousand pictures with us. Kind of a riot. We really stopped getting to know each other and started just taking in the action.

Jason : We had a few beers and played bingo. Nothing like drinking for a good cause. She was very adept at just blending in [with my friends]. They thought she was great. We were definitely both having a lot of fun. And that kind of makes you have a strong feeling about things. But there was no groping, for lack of a better word. It was as typical as a first date could be at drag queen bingo.

Rate the date

Jodi : I actually enjoyed the balance [of half dinner date and half activity]. It was sort of perfect to get to see two sides of him. I think that we’re possibly more of a friend connection, for me. We are pretty different in a number of ways. Like, I’m a city girl, and he lives in Chantilly. But we certainly had a good time, and we were like, let’s hang out again. I don’t know if that will be romantic or not. I would say it was like a 4 [out of 5]. [He’s] certainly a great person and a great date.

Jason : I texted her when I got home and said, “Home, had a good time, hope you did as well,” and she texted back, “Very fun, thank you.” That didn’t give me any inclination of whether she was into doing it again. We do live 45 minutes apart, which is tough. But yeah, I’d like to go out again if the opportunity presented itself. I would rate it a 4 out of 5. I got along well with her, and I was attracted to her, and she was smart, which is the most important to me.

UPDATE: Jason sent Jodi a Facebook friend request, but that was the extent of their post-date contact. “It was a blast. I’d do it again,” Jason says. Jodi says, “I wish it could be one of those [columns] where you’re like, ‘Maybe [we’ll get together again] later,’ but probably not.”