Correction: An earlier online version of this story included a photograph of the wrong couple. This version has been updated.

(Photograph courtesy daters)

She’s a self-described “foreign service brat” who lived in Moscow as a teen, and he studied Russian in high school. She says she’s attracted to musicians, and he’s in a band. They met at Mediterra in Woodley Park. Cue the theme to “Dr. Zhivago” ...

Alison: It’s been a hectic month for me, finishing up my first year of grad school and also working full time. I was working on homework [until I left for the date], so I had to stop and switch gears. I was a little bit early, so they showed me to the table, and then I just kind of hung out.

Dave: I live in Baltimore [and] work from home, so I have, like, one pair of decent slacks, and I had to run out and buy a shirt. I walked in, and the hostess said she was already here, so I walked over and introduced myself. She was super cute! Honestly, she just seemed kind of quiet, which I guess is how you look when you’re sitting in a restaurant waiting for somebody. She stood up, and we hugged, and I sat down.

Alison: Yeah, I guess [he was attractive]. He seemed, like, laid-back, which was good. He looked normal, nice. We did a little bit of “where do you work, where are you from,” but then we started talking about Russia. He took a trip there in high school, and I grew up a lot overseas and lived [there], so that was really cool. It’s kind of unusual to find someone that has been there and liked it. I think [our conversation] flowed pretty well. We had a lot of stuff to talk about.

Dave: I’d say, within about two minutes, we sort of forgot that we were on a Date Lab date. Actually, we were really irresponsible, because we kept forgetting to take pictures. We kind of just wanted to be on a date and not be the people in a restaurant who are taking pictures of things. It just felt like a normal, comfortable interaction, not just an interview process. I’m sure there’s a lot of people that have make-or-break traits that they need in other people, like this person needs to be a liberal or whatever, but I need a person that’s into the things I’m into. I thought we had a lot in common.

Alison: I don’t really have super high expectations for first dates; it’s more just like, am I going to enjoy hanging out. We decided we would go to Adams Morgan afterward. We just went to one bar [and] talked about a lot of random stuff. He was easy to talk to.

Dave: A bar is more my kind of place to do a date. The conversation sort
of opened up a little bit, about past relationships and this and that. And then at some point, we decided we wanted some food, so we got a
jumbo slice.

Alison: I don’t think I had ever eaten an entire jumbo slice before. We walked back to Woodley Park, and then he gave me a ride back to Clarendon, which was really nice. Throughout the date we had talked about hanging out again. I am going to be in Baltimore in a couple of weeks — one of my best friends lives in Baltimore, so I visit her a lot, and I always have a fun time [there]. So we exchanged numbers. I guess it would be a second date, but casual, like date-slash-hang out.

Dave: A lot of the Date Lab [columns] I read had really super forward people, and I’d rather be super casual on a first date and not be high-pressure about it. It wasn’t, like, super romantic, but I don’t know that either of us were interested in a super romantic date. The more I talked to her, the more I realized she’s a cool person, so that makes me want to hang out with her more.


Alison: I’m just going to say a 5 [out of 5], ’cause it was really fun. I had
a really fun evening, and I will not
be offended if I do not get rated a 5.

Dave: Uh, 6? 5 is good! I had fun, she had fun, we walked around and did stuff, and The Post picked up
the tab.

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UPDATE: Alison did invite Dave to hang out with her and her friends when she next went to Baltimore, and it went well enough that when we called for an update, they were making plans to meet up again, this time for dinner at a diner. Says Dave: “I really like Alison. She’s really cool.” Says Alison, “I would like to keep getting to know him.”