(Courtesy of the daters)
About the daters ...
Desert island DVDs …

Laura: “Zoolander,” “Napoleon Dynamite,” “American Psycho.”

Tim: “The Dark Knight,” “Wedding Crashers,” “Wall-E.”

Your idea of funny ...

Laura: I love dry humor, not so much cheesy jokes but great funny stories that really happened.

Tim: Someone who appreciates sarcastic social satire (read: “South Park”) and slapstick comedy (read: “Hot Tub Time Machine”) at the same time. Also, she has to be able to take sarcasm, as I am known to dish out a little more than I should.

Brag a little ...

Laura: I’m intelligent, well-traveled and unafraid.

(Courtesy of the daters)

Tim: I’m from the Midwest, but I’ve lived on four different continents. I know how to have a good time (with and without alcohol). I’m down-to-earth; I stay in good shape; I’m tall/strong enough to make a girl feel safe; I love to laugh; and I’m a pretty emotional guy. I’m also the romantic type, so I have no problem trying to win a girl over the old chivalrous way.

About the date ...

7:30 p.m., The Heights, Columbia Heights

Laura: I met a couple of girlfriends ahead of time, after I left work. They kind of prepped me to go forth on the date. I got to The Heights about five minutes early. I got seated and waited for Tim to show up. He got there right on time.

Tim: She was already sitting at the table when I got there. She got up from the table and gave me a big hug and said hi. I was taken aback by how pretty she was.

Laura: I thought he was handsome. He looked like a really open and nice guy. I think he was a little nervous at the start, but so was I. I remember us laughing right away about things. I think that put us at ease.

Tim: We spent the first few minutes joking about how we got into Date Lab, where we were from and where we have lived, that kind of stuff. We did have a lot in common. We both like to travel. We’re both athletic, like she does 100-mile bike rides and I kayak the Potomac when I can.

Laura: We talked about how we don’t feel very “D.C.” — in the political aspect [and] in the way we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Tim: We got an appetizer, two big pitchers of sangria and dinner. We shared a little bit. We were there a good two and a half, three hours. If neither person makes any hint at going home or things to do tomorrow, that usually means there is some chemistry and that the two are interested in spending more time together. I asked if she wanted to go and check out some other places, and she agreed.

Laura: Since we had so much common, it was easy to feel comfortable around each other and find stuff to talk about. We wanted to keep hanging out but change the location. There was definitely a little chemistry.

Tim: We walked over to Meridian Pint. I was little nervous because she is a wine drinker, but they had something she could get.

Laura: I got wine, and we ordered him a pilsner from the Czech Republic. We started talking about my recent vacation to the Czech Republic. I went to a big beer spa there with some girlfriends. You take these baths in steel tubs that are filled with pilsner. You’re chatting with your girlfriends and you’re soaking in this warm, frothy beer. It is amazing, I will have you know. I believe Tim said, “You need to stop telling me this story, because I’m picturing you naked in a beer bath.”

Tim: She talked about how good it was for your skin and hair. Of course I started complimenting her on her skin and hair. We were loosened up by this point. I was feeling some chemistry.

Laura: He definitely has a dry sense of humor. I found him very funny. There were a lot of funny stories, a lot of funny one-liners throughout the night. We decided to grab a glass of wine [at Room 11 ].

Tim: I think that’s where I got more flirtatious. We were posing and taking silly pictures. I put my arms around her a few times. It was around 1 o’clock when we finished our drinks. We decided to go next door to Wonderland. We sat in a corner, watching the people and just kind of laughing. I was trying to be gentlemanly, but I did manage to get a peck on her cheek. It was my achievement of the night. I’m trying to learn to take my relationships slower. We were having a great time talking and laughing; there was no need to push anything else.

Laura: Yes, there was a peck on the cheek. It was cute. I thought it would be better to leave a little mystery and see if that allowed any anticipation for a second date to build.

Tim: We stayed there until close. They started flashing the lights at 2. She said she was going to take a taxi home, so I walked her over to 14th Street. Unfortunately, right when we got to 14th, a cab pulled up. I managed to snag her number, and she said she wanted to hang out again.

Laura: He lives in Columbia Heights, so he just walked home. Tim texted me right after and said that he had a good time. It was nice to immediately get some contact from him since we were rushed as we were parting. It was nice to know that he was still obviously thinking about the date.

Tim: I would give the date itself a 4 [out of 5], just because dinner dates make me a little uncomfortable. I would give the girl on the date a 4.5. We didn’t plan on anything, but I told her that I would call her. I definitely want to see her again.

Laura: I would give the date, overall, a 4. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing him again. It’s really nice to have a fun first date. It kind of sets you up to wonder what will happen next.

UPDATE: So what did happen next? The two traded texts and got together for a movie and wine before Tim had to head out of town. He says he’s hoping to get together again when he returns. “She’s pretty cute, and there’s some mutual attraction there, I believe,” he says. Laura’s not sure where things are headed, but “the whole process and meeting Tim has definitely been fun!”

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