(Courtesy daters)


Last earworm ...

Alex: “Starry Eyed” by Ellie Goulding

Giselle: “Forget You” — the Glee version of the Cee-Lo song

Happiest when ...

Alex: Sitting around a home-cooked meal with good friends.

Giselle: Listening to good music with friends or reading a good book alone. Or at the end of Bikram yoga when I feel like I’m about to die. I love that.

Brag a little ...

Alex: I cook, I’m curious and am sometimes interesting.

Giselle: I have freckles. And I don’t drink diet sodas. Ever.

Your type ...

Alex: Love of life, curious about the world, outdoorsy, athletic, loves exploring new foods, pretty in the natural kind of way.

Giselle: Taller than me. This is often very hard to find. Smart, funny, worldly. Speaks another language. Must love dogs. Geeky in a cool way, like me.

Deal-breakers ...

Alex: Unadventurous with food, too cynical about life

Giselle: Shorter than me. Skinnier than me. Holier-than-thou attitude. I like to try new things. If you’re not willing to jump off the bridge with me, then I don’t want to play with you.

THE DATE: 7:30p.m., Zaytinya, Penn Quarter

Giselle: He was there already when I got there. The hostess pointed him out. I walked over and introduced myself. I always really like guys like Puck from “Glee.” I think that everyone is attracted to that badass kind of guy. Alex did not fit into that. He’s cute. He was just preppier than what I would normally look to.

Alex: She was cute. I definitely go for natural beauty, for people who aren’t too made-up. She wasn’t overdone. She had a nice smile. One reason I’m attracted to people with a nice smile is that I think it’s more than something on your face, it says something about you and your outlook on the world.

Giselle: We walked to the table and sat down. We both ordered a cocktail. But he seemed to be more of a wine-and-beer person. Then we looked at the menu and tried to pick things to share. He kept suggesting things that I didn’t want to eat, like octopus and Brussels sprouts.

Alex: I’m not a big cocktail person, but this was a chance to try something new. I place high values on experimenting and trying new foods. She said she did as well, but as I was mentioning things, she had some cold feet. But she backpedaled and said she was willing to try things. I thought that was nice, but I didn’t want to get something that she was going to try and not like. I didn’t know if she was trying it because she didn’t want me to feel bad or because she was she willing to really try it.

Giselle: We talked a lot about food. I said I was a foodie. He asked me what my definition of a foodie is. I just like to eat. He likes to cook and really believes in the power of food as way to bring people together. I like food on a much more superficial level.

Alex: For me, cooking is a logical extension of liking food and exploring restaurants. That wasn’t something that she shared as much. I understand. It’s not a sign that anything’s wrong with her; it’s just maybe a compatibility thing.

Giselle: We talked about why we signed up for Date Lab. He was browsing some D.C. blogs and decided to do it. I was pushed into it by a friend who had done it. We talked about growing up in D.C., work and school. We talked about music. We’re both going to the same [Ellie Goulding] concert in a couple of weeks. That was one of the points that we did have in common.

Alex: I thought the thing we had most in common was music. We also both speak French. I’m a bit of Francophile. And she mentioned she had studied in France. I tried to talk to her in French, but she was having none of it. I really like speaking French. I have my friends over, and we cook brunch and speak French. It’s too bad that she hasn’t had a chance to keep it up.

Giselle: I didn’t feel like doing it. I haven’t done it in a while and am just not as comfortable in it now. He’s much more fluent. It’s also awkward. It’s the first time I met him. In general, the conversation was kind of awkward, honestly. Neither of us are bubbly, and we would have needed that to really get things to going.

Alex: We got dessert, though she wasn’t terribly excited about any of the options. I feel like sometimes girls give a false choice. They say, “Yeah sure, we can go to the action movie,” but really they mean “Let’s go see ‘The Notebook.’ ” I felt like she was really saying, “I don’t want to get dessert.” It was a false yes. [But] it was nice that she was willing to try it.

Giselle: We finished around 10 and got the check. The only thing that was over the [$125 Date Lab limit] was my second drink. He offered to pay for it. I said no, it was my drink. We both were taking the Metro, so we rode together. He asked for my number just before my stop. We exchanged numbers. It felt more like a courtesy. Then we did the whole hug-goodbye thing.

Alex: It wasn’t a courtesy. I don’t think I’d call her to go out on another date, but I would call her to tell her there’s a cool concert coming up.

Giselle: I would give the date a 3 [out of 5]. It wasn’t hideous and awful, but there weren’t fireworks. I could see being friends with him. I’ll probably see him at the concert.

Alex: I’d give it a 3. She’s such a nice girl. [But] I’m not sure there was chemistry in terms of dating.

UPDATE: Looks like this one will only go as far as Facebook friend requests . They ran into each other at the Ellie Goulding concert, but no sparkage. “If I see him out somewhere that's fine, but there have been no plans made, and I doubt there will be,” Giselle says.


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