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You may remember Matt from a recent Date Lab experiment: It was Matt who gamely showed up for our ladies’-choice date, and was promptly sent home. He took it in good spirits and happily showed up when we rematched him with Erin. So, how’d he do for Round 2? We sent him and Erin to Carlyle in Shirlington to find out.

Matt: I was totally late because my dog decided to go to the bathroom on the floor. So, I wasn’t nervous; I’m not the type to get nervous. I was just a little flustered when I showed up. I went over and gave her a hug.

Erin: If he was a little flustered, I definitely didn’t get that. I felt like it was comfortable right from the start. [And] I definitely thought he was cute. He’s a nice height, and based on what I put on my application, I wasn’t surprised that that’s who you’d set me up with.

Matt: Physically, she was awesome and, like, tall, blond hair and blue eyes. And she was fit. That’s always a plus in my book. I don’t know what we talked about at first. I’m pretty sure I was awkward. I mean, I didn’t feel like it was awkward in the sense that nobody was talking, it was just getting a feel for each other.

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Erin: He was like, “This place is nice. I’d feel more comfortable somewhere where my feet will stick to the floor.” And I was like, “That’s funny, I feel the same way.” Then we started talking about what schools we went to. I think we just talked about the regular “getting to know each other” stuff, like where you’re from, where you traveled, where you go out. He has a good sense of humor, so he was easy to talk to.

Matt: We didn’t order for a good, like, 20 to 30 minutes. We talked about work and stuff like that. It was mainly just shooting the [rhymes with “mitt”] and then competing on stuff, like the waitstaff. She was saying, “Oh, they hate you; they like me.”

Erin: I was giving him a hard time about that, because he was asking the waitress all these questions. We had this competition going on, so we were fighting over who the waitress would like better. I think we were laughing the entire night. I don’t think we had any serious conversations.

Matt: She’s competitive, I’m competitive; she doesn’t get offended, I don’t get offended. She seems really nonjudgmental, which is awesome, because in D.C. you don’t really see that. [And] she does kickboxing, which I thought was awesome. I love that stuff, because it shows dedication and commitment. [We had] tons in common. Not at first, but [it] just sort of opened up throughout the night. At some point, it just seemed like it clicked. I thought it was a great fit.

Erin: I’d say there was chemistry, because it was really easy to talk to each other. It didn’t feel like flirting; it just felt like joking around.

Matt: We both got burgers, and then we just hung around and drank and flirted more for a while. We exchanged numbers. Then we got dessert and ate, like, a bite. We were too busy flirting. I lost track of time, honestly. They essentially said, “You can have drinks at the bar, but we’re closing out here.”

Erin: Capitol City Brewing Company was right across the street, so then we had about a beer in there.

Matt: That’s where I was, like, putting my arm around her and holding her hand. I think we went in around 12:30, and I think we left around 1:15. I walked her back to her car, and we, uh, had a fun make-out session.


Erin: He texted me when he got home to make sure that I got home, too. I would definitely [rate the date] about a 5 [out of 5]. It was fun.

Matt: The date was a 5. I had a great time. She is awesome — across all levels, she exceeded expectations.

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UPDATE: Matt and Erin texted post-date and continued the conversation the next day. They met up for Oktoberfest and went to a fundraiser that Saturday, then watched football at a bar on Sunday. They had plans to go out again early the next week. “It’s been fun!” Erin reports. “I guess we’re both just planning to see how it keeps going.” His take: “She’s awesome, and, as far as I can tell, we’ll continue to hang out.” For the record, Matt didn’t tell Erin about his earlier Date Lab setup. “It didn’t come up!” He said that wasn’t a conscious decision: “I assumed she already knew, but I guess not. She’s totally making fun of me now.”