Correction: An earlier version of this feature misstated the age of one of the daters. Lauren Wilson is 23, not 24. This version has been corrected.

About the daters

Desert-island DVDs …

Lauren: “Love Jones,” “Up in the Air” and “Anchorman”

David: “Hitch,” “Pootie Tang” and “Black Dynamite”

Happiest when …

Lauren: I’m in the shower. I tend to shower at night or right before I go out. I listen to music and usually put whatever I was working on/worrying about out of my mind for the time being and just vibe. I also make plans for/envision the future. It’s a good time all around.

David: I’m watching the Lakers putting a beatdown on either the Celtics or the Heat, with a large Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza in my lap and a few hot wings. And when it’s payday.

Your type …

Lauren: Someone TALL. Someone with nice teeth. Someone in shape who is very athletic. Probably someone who is African American unless I can be sure he is attracted to black girls.

David: As far as height, I prefer a girl between 5’8” and 6’0”, but I don’t really discriminate on height. I prefer a petite figure, but with curves in all the right places. The face is most important, though, and a beautiful smile makes me melt. And hair … anything other than tacky weaves works for me.

Brag a little …

Lauren: I’m easygoing, I know what I want out of life, I’m down for anything and I know how to be there for someone. I’m dedicated to being a good person.

David: I’m very chivalrous and treat every lady with respect. My parents raised me well! I’m well-mannered and pretty smart, so I won’t embarrass my girl when she introduces me to friends and family. And I love to make people laugh.

The date: 7:30 p.m., Tuscana West, downtown

Lauren: I got to the restaurant 20 minutes early. I had so much time to kill, and I felt like everybody was looking at me. I just kept looking at myself in the mirror and asking waiters if I looked okay. It was nerve-racking.

David: She was looking down when I walked up. Physically, I found her very attractive. She was actually how I kind of imagined. We hugged and then sat down.

Lauren: No, we didn’t hug. I am not a touchy person. We were about to hug, then it became awkward and we shook hands. It was awkward all around at the beginning. I thought he was well-dressed, and I liked that he was taller than me. He had really nice teeth, too. He’s good-looking.

David: Yeah, there were some awkward silences. Immediately, I learned that she was a Georgetown law student. She went to Duke for undergrad. I am more of a UNC fan, as far as sports go. She wasn’t really happy about that.

Lauren: At that point, I was like, His judgment may not be so good! He said he graduated from U-Va. last May. That was a little off-putting. Ten times out of 10, I would take someone who is older than me rather than my age or younger. My dad is 10 or 11 years older than my mom, and I like the way it works.

David: Age was never addressed specifically, but I feel like it was in the back of both of our heads.

Lauren: We split a bottle of Riesling [with] dinner. We both tried each other’s food. I wanted to show him something on my phone, and I realized I had lost it somewhere. He offered to call it, and then was like, “I guess I could use this as a way to get your number.” I thought that was a cute line but a little corny. He called my phone. It was under the table.

David: [In college,] Lauren got [the superlative] “most swag,” which was really funny to me, because it’s something some of my friends say about me.

Lauren: He then tweeted, “I’m on a date with the most swag girl.” I mean, again, it was cute but also corny.

David: She actually encouraged me to, so I did. When we were drinking the Riesling, I said I’ve been known to be a little crazy when it comes to drinking in my past life. So she timed how fast I could down a glass of wine. I clocked in at 7.9 seconds. We had a fun time with that. But there seemed to be a lack of romantic chemistry. It’s hard to explain, but there was a comfort level missing.

Lauren: There were things I liked about him. I was thinking, He’s a good guy, because he’s making me laugh. And he was gentleman — always saying “thank you” to the waiter, which I liked. We split tiramisu for dessert and then asked for the check. We went over [Date Lab’s $125] by, like, $15. I reached into my purse and kind of pretended like I was going to pay, but I really had no intention. He was like: “Now why are you reaching into your purse? My parents raised me right!”

David: It was raining when we left around 10 o’clock. She didn’t have an umbrella, but luckily I had mine. We waited at the corner until a cab came. We didn’t talk about getting together again. We hugged when she got into the cab. I went to the Metro.

Lauren: That time, we did hug. I give the date 4.5 [out of 5]. He was cool. But between the age thing and the fact that I am dating other people, I don’t know. Being out with him actually made me realize how much I want someone else that is in my life.

David: I would give it a 4. It was a fun time. I think she was feeling the same as I was, though. It seemed like she was enjoying herself but wasn’t interested in pursuing anything past that night.

UPDATE: Not even following each other on Twitter. “I didn’t see any point in carrying it on past that night,” David says. As for the other man Lauren mentioned? “Yes, it’s gotten more serious,” she says. Well, at least there’s romance somewhere ...


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