Alex Galkin, 29, data analyst, and Liz Juskie, 31, event planner. (Photograph courtesy of daters)

Will Alex, a self-avowed pop-culture nerd, mesh with Liz, who tends to fall for artists? We sent them to Ceiba in downtown Washington to find out.

Alex: This was my first blind date ever. So there was that, a little bit of nervousness there. The hostess brought her over to the bar, and I thought she was really cute and really nicely put-together. She actually looked like Kirsten Dunst a lot.

Liz: He’s definitely a good-looking guy. [But] I could definitely tell he was a bit nervous. He kept biting his nails and fidgeting.

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Alex: We started learning about each other — what we do and where we were from.

Liz: We touched on family, how we’re both only children. When we got to the point where we were talking about travel, it was more like us telling stories. At that point, I feel like he did start letting his guard down a little bit.

Alex: She talked a lot about her trip to Southeast Asia and all the different places she went.

Liz: He was telling me about his trip to South Africa and how he just went on safari, and about a trip he’s taken to South America because he has family down there.

Alex: We were able to keep the conversation going and keep it interesting, but we did have a lot of those of conflicting interests. She’s a big classic rock music fan. I’m much more of an indie rock [person]. I’m a really big concertgoer, and she ... hadn’t gone to many concerts recently.

Liz: The one thing all the guys I’ve dated in the past have in common is they’re an artist in some way. When he told me he was really good at working with spreadsheets, that right there told me he wasn’t an artistic type. He seemed like a very analytical-type person.

Alex: I talked about how I’m a big sports fan; I go to a lot of home games, and I’m a big D.C. fan. And she doesn’t follow sports almost at all. I have a lot of TV shows that I watch, like comedies and dramas, and she said that she didn’t watch a whole lot of TV.

Liz: There was no real spark, romantically or, for me, even friend-wise. He’s a really nice guy but just not really my type of person. He’s very reserved and shy. ... He was really soft-spoken. The restaurant was really loud, and at some points it was really hard for me to hear him.

Alex: Even till the end, there were just more signs of the oppositeness of us. The waiter gave us a free dessert, and she was like: “I’m not a big sweets eater.”

Liz: I was really trying to [wrap it up] after we’d finished our meals. But he ordered a flight of rum, so we stuck around a little bit longer.

Alex: She tried a tiny bit of a couple [of the rums] but wasn’t enjoying it. She said, “I don’t really drink liquor almost ever.” I do enjoy my liquor, good liquor. That was another thing that we didn’t have a similar interest in.

Liz: We finished everything up in the restaurant. We walked about a few blocks together before I got in a cab. We gave each other a hug and basically parted ways.

Alex: That part felt faster in my head than it probably actually happened. I was trying to contemplate if I should ask her for her number.


Liz: I would give it a 2. It felt like an awkward first date.

Alex: I would say a 3.8. I could see hanging out with her, and I would even be open to another date. [But] I would be a little pessimistic about it working out.


Liz and Alex didn’t exchange numbers — and made no attempt to get back in touch.

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