Adam Staveski, 22, policy analyst, and Maddie Csere, 22, financial analyst. (Photo courtesy of daters)

Interviews by Amanda McGrath

Policy analyst Adam Staveski, 22, and financial analyst Maddie Csere, also 22, are fresh-faced and fresh out of local colleges, enjoying their first year as D.C. young professionals. We sent them to Maple in Columbia Heights to see if a shared love of running, economics and a laid-back attitude was enough to spark a fresh romance.

Maddie: I was freaking out all week — this is a little out of my comfort zone. I almost didn’t come. But within 30 seconds, I was like, This is going to be absolutely fine.

Adam: She was exactly my type. She’s very pretty, she’s friendly and gregarious — our personalities seemed to click right off the bat.

Maddie: I know exactly why they paired me with him: He’s tall, athletic, has a slimmer build, which is what I said my type was.

Adam:We could pick up the conversation like we were old friends.

Maddie: He was very kind and definitely excited to be there, which made me excited to be there.

Adam: We both grew up in small-town environments [and] came to D.C. for college.

Maddie: We both studied economics. He told me about his job, and it was really cool and interesting. I don’t get to talk to other econ people that often.

Adam: My job is very niche — most people think it’s the most boring thing of all time. I was glad she didn’t think it was super lame.

Maddie: I went to [George Washington University] and he went to American University; we talked about D.C. school rivalries.

Adam: It seems like everyone hates Georgetown, but it’s like [American] is rivals with [GWU], jockeying for position as the “second-best school” in D.C.

Maddie: I don’t know. I don’t really believe in the school rivalries.

Adam: She said, “No, people at GW don’t care.” I was like, shoot, maybe American kids are way more petty. [Laughs.]

Maddie: He’s a really good runner. I recently ran a marathon for the first time; he ran the Marine Corps in an insane time and is running [in] Boston next year.

Adam: She asked for my time and I said I ran 2:43. She was astounded. I was like, Nice, she’s impressed!

Maddie: We talked about meeting famous people. I was obsessed with One Direction at one point in my life and met Harry Styles after waiting outside the British Fashion Awards for four hours. It was ridiculous. [Adam] was on “The Daily Show” once; they came up to him on the street and interviewed him for a segment.

Adam: We both found out — weird fact — we’re both missing our front teeth.

Maddie: We both have fake teeth — I’m pretty sure that’s not something I put in my application.

Adam: She’s very genuine. I’m like, Wow, you are a cool, amazing, interesting person that I’m excited to talk to.

Maddie: He’s one of the most genuinely nice people I’ve ever met in my whole life. If you meet him, you immediately know he’s not a very judgmental person.

Adam: There seemed to be depth to her. She’s not predictable. We delved briefly into politics, and rather than being a staunch partisan, she’s able to look at situations with a lot of nuance, more so than a lot of people in the D.C. area.

Maddie: We align a bit [politically], but my family is a little divided, so I was talking about how growing up in rural Michigan gives me a different perspective.

Adam: I would say the overall vibe was more friendly than flirtatious. It’s hard on a first date to really give out too strong of a signal without it being weird.

Maddie: I got more of a friend vibe from our conversation. There wasn’t totally a spark there, [but also] I’m not quick to fall for people. I’m still processing things.

Adam: Both of us were surprised by the time we left that we’d been there so long.

Maddie: We sat for three hours, and I really didn’t think it had been that long. It was 10:30 at that point; I’m normally home by 8 on weeknights. We left and he walked me to the Metro, even though it was out of his way.

Adam: I walked her back to the Metro and asked for her phone number.

Maddie: I hugged him and then we left. He texted me that night to make sure I got home okay.

Adam: I’d personally be interested in a second date. I’m on a quest to go to every Metro station on the map; she seemed interested in that, so maybe it could be an informal, casual way to see if there’s something there.

Maddie: I could see us being pretty good friends in the future; he’s such a nice human, which is kind of rare to find at our age. I don’t think we clicked romantically, but I’m not sure — my thoughts aren’t very clear on this yet.

Rate the date

Adam: A 4.5 [out of 5]. It was an extremely pleasant evening. I left feeling very happy.

Maddie: A solid 3.5. I really, really liked talking to him. It didn’t feel like a date totally for me, but it was a great night.


They’ve stayed in touch via text; a second date is possible, they say, but so far they haven’t set any plans.