(Courtesy of the daters)
About the daters ...
Desired superpower ...

Matt: Teleportation/time travel. See what my parents were like as teens (a la “Back to the Future”), travel to exotic beaches without the price of airfare, or save a damsel in distress.

Theresa: I’d be able to lay my hand on a book and instantly understand all of the ideas inside. There’s so much of the world about which I want to know more.

Your type ...

Matt: I’m unfortunately VERY picky, and I hate it. I have a thing for petite blondes with blue eyes (think Kristen Bell). But I find all shapes, hair shades and sizes attractive. Sense of humor is huge. Someone who likes to talk, doesn’t mistake chivalry as being a pushover, doesn’t mind being spoiled a little, isn’t afraid to sometimes initiate outings and is just an overall positive person.

Theresa: Accomplished. Intelligent. Ambitious. The guy all of his friends know they can rely on. Passionate about what he does. Tall with strong jaw line, athletic build and a big smile. Great conversationalist. A little bit of a dork, but still looks damn good in a tie covered in miniature pastel animals.

Best date ever ...

Matt: We played this game on the Metro. We would start at a station that had two lines and flip a coin to see which line to ride. We would ask a stranger to pick a number between 1 and 5, [and] ride that many stops. Get out and do something in that area. Rinse and repeat.

(Courtesy of the daters)

Theresa: We called in sick, shared French toast at our favorite brunch spot, wrote our names in wet cement, played Frisbee, took a nap under a tree in a park, got caught in a thunderstorm and ended up kissing in the rain.

Happiest when ...

Matt:  The cliched answer: Whenever I’m spending time with people I love. The non-cliched answer: When running on a treadmill and I’ve reached the amount of miles that I wanted to run.

Theresa: Surrounded by my friends I love so dearly, watching my students apply new knowledge for the first time, and maybe eating a Portillo’s Italian beef sandwich.

About the date ...

7:30 p.m., Daily Grill, Dupont Circle

Matt:I drove and parked, and two of my friends were at [nearby] Bar Dupont. So I just went there and hung out for maybe five minutes, and they walked me down to the restaurant. One of my friends had an iPad, and she started playing “Eye of the Tiger.” I went over to the host stand, and they said I was the first one there.

Theresa:I just threw on my typical uniform for the summer: sundress, heels. I went to the host, and they showed me that this guy, sitting there by himself, was waiting for me.

Matt: I thought she was really cute, she was definitely “my type.” There was a very positive energy around her. I liked her red hair, and she had pretty eyes and a nice smile. There was no awkwardness; we just hugged each other and said, “Nice to meet you.”

Theresa: He actually brought me a little mini box of chocolate, so I [said playfully], “Oh, yeah, you’re real impressive.” He’s definitely good-looking and a gentleman. He, like, stepped to the side and had me follow behind the host and sit down first, which I appreciate. [But] I don’t think that he’s someone that if I met out, I would initially be super attracted to.

Matt: She was a talkative person. I like that. It’s nice not to be the only one talking. I felt like we were best friends right away. We talked for a while [before] the waiter came over. We just ordered an appetizer, then I said, “Let’s figure out what we want to eat so they won’t keep coming back.”

Theresa:It was pretty chill. I actually thought he was quite charming. Both of us are so outgoing that we really built off each other and had a ton of fun. I don’t think we have a ton in common. He’s really into theater and movies and TV, and I don’t have a TV in my apartment. I’m more into politics and nonfiction.

Matt: I’m very pop-culture-oriented, and she’s politics-oriented, so we would be the master trivia couple.

Theresa: He’s a very fit guy, but he kept bringing up that he used to be a lot bigger. He asked me if I wanted to see [a photo], and I was, like, no, but he later ended up showing it to me, which I thought was weird. I guess if that’s part of who you are and that’s something that you share with people, why not? His face is the same, but he’s definitely in better shape than he used to be.

Matt: There wasn’t one awkward moment at all during it. We were both laughing. There was definitely flirtatious stuff, just like, the body language, touching and stuff like that.

Theresa: I would say that it was more a good conversation you would have with a friend rather than flirtation. I guess I know in my head when I’m actually trying to mack on someone, which I wasn’t consciously doing. But I think I’m also a really open person in that I will put my hand on someone while I’m talking to them or make eye contact, or I laugh a lot when I’m talking with someone. But I wasn’t consciously batting my eyelashes at him or anything. Not that that has ever worked for me in the past either!

Matt: It was probably about 9:30 [when we left]. We went across the street and got some frozen yogurt, then we walked up to [Dupont] Circle and sat down. Then we actually went to one more place; one of her favorite places is called Maddy’s. She knows a couple of the bartenders there, so we stayed there for about 45 minutes to an hour, just talking, having a good time, and she started yawning toward the last 15, 20 minutes.

Theresa: I definitely tapped out early; I was yawning, falling asleep. I felt bad, because he was like, “Oh, are you bored?” I was like, “No, just really tired.”

Matt: She was doing a race [in the] morning, she had to get up early, so we finished up there about 11:30-ish. I walked her to her apartment building.
I got her number, [and] we hugged maybe three or four times. If there was a time when I would have went in for a kiss, it would be then. I don’t kiss on the first date. I kissed her hand goodnight, because I’m, like, in the 1800s.

Theresa: I went upstairs and was in my bed, like, 45 seconds later. I texted him saying thank you for the frozen yogurt and the drinks.

Matt: I’m gonna give [the date] a 4.5 [out of 5]. I would like to get together again. I plan on contacting her, texting her or calling her and just go from there. I don’t really have a plan.

Theresa: I would give [the date] a 4. I had a ton of fun, [but] I just don’t see it going anywhere romantically. But at the same time, I probably had more fun with Matt last night than I ever had with [the last guy I dated]. If he did ask me out, I would assume that he was assuming it was a date, but I think we would probably be better off as friends. So I guess if he was cool with that, I’d definitely want to see him again.

UPDATE: Matt and Theresa were both busy in the weeks following their date — he had a show opening, she had an end-of-year camping trip with her students. They exchanged texts and he suggested another get-together, but she says she’s “not really interested” in a second date. We hope they both break a leg in their future romantic endeavors!

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