Interviews by Amanda McGrath

Michael Gross, 24, sales coordinator, and Karen Siegmund, 24, child-care teacher. (Photo courtesy of daters)

He says he’s got a thing for women who are “ambitious, FIT [and] smart.” His dream date? Kate Middleton. She tells us she gravitates toward “dudes with brown hair trying to figure out what to do with their lives.” She’s hoping for someone with passion and direction who might be Jewish. We sent them to Siroc downtown.

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Karen: I was sitting in the park across the street from the restaurant, and I saw this guy milling around, obviously trying to kill time. I was like, That has to be the guy. We made eye contact, but I wasn’t sure.

Michael: I saw somebody in a red dress, and I didn’t know if it was her or just some girl meeting up with somebody else, but it was about 15 minutes beforehand so I was like, Hmmm, this has got to be her.

Karen: I went into the restaurant, and it was him. He saw me and gave me a big old hug. I appreciate that. Shaking hands is formal sometimes. We laughed about how we’d seen each other outside and didn’t say anything.

Michael: She was very cute and looked well put-together. She’s fit and athletic. She was very friendly. She seemed like she had ambition in her.

Karen: He was a cute, normal-looking guy, so I was like, Oh, all right! Not necessarily the guy I’d normally be interested in.

Michael: It seemed that as the night went on, we just had so much in common. Since we’re both young millennials, we’re both huge foodies.

Karen: A love of cooking or appreciation of good food is really important to me. We talked about how we were both born and raised in the D.C. area. He seems really family-oriented; he has a close relationship with his mom and dad and sister. We both love to hike and kayak and canoe.

Michael: She talked about how she wants to pursue a master’s in nutrition, and I told her I was considering becoming a personal trainer, so we had that health connection, too.

Karen: The best part was he was very easy to talk to. It was a free-flowing conversation. He was outgoing, friendly, at ease.

Michael: We were definitely laughing a lot, we had similar senses of humor. She asked a lot of questions — which was great, she was able to really keep the conversation going.

Karen: I don’t necessarily think we had a lot of chemistry. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a great night.

Michael: In the beginning it seemed like friends but toward the end of the night we were getting a little bit closer, bringing the tone down to a more — I wouldn’t say a passionate level, but close to one.

Karen: We realized we were both going back to the Metro, so he walked me there. We exchanged numbers and had a hug. We were on opposite sides of the platform but still talking to each other across the tracks, which was funny.


Michael: A 4 [out of 5]. It was definitely a fun date. I’d like to get to know her a little bit better.

Karen: A 4. It was a delicious meal, interesting conversation; that’s a pretty good night.


No contact. Nada. “The two of us had a wonderful evening together and really clicked as friends, but I think we both know that it probably wouldn’t go any further than that,” he tells us. And so they join a long, proud history of Date Labbers who have only great things to say about each other but find rudimentary follow-up communication taxing.

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