Drew Sullivan, 27, federal secretarial correspondent, and Elizabeth Jacobs, 27, nonprofit legislative counsel, at Compass Rose. (Photo courtesy of daters)
Interviews by Veronica Toney

They both like to run. They both like to travel. And they were both inspired to sign up for Date Lab because of the same Facebook friend. We sent them to Compass Rose on 14th Street NW.

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Elizabeth: They had me wait by the bar, and apparently they did the same for him. So it was a little awkward because there was another guy looking around and looking at me, probably wondering if I was his date, and I was wondering the same thing.

Drew:I thought she was cute. Similar [to my type] in the sense that ... she has run several marathons and is a runner, so she had that type of build. I’m a runner.

Elizabeth: I thought he looked very familiar. He looked very hipster-y. I remember using that word in my application, so I thought maybe that was him because I said I liked hipsters.

Drew:I didn’t feel like [the chat] was forced.

Elizabeth: I guess he seemed a little nervous. I’m used to guys who are more confident and take more initiative in the conversation. At the beginning he was asking me interview-type questions as if he was interested in hiring me for an internship. One of the first things I asked him was what made him interested in doing Date Lab. And he tried it out because one of his Facebook friends had done it recently. And I was like, “Oh, wow, me too.” Then I was, like, “Wait, which Facebook friend?” And apparently we have the same mutual friend. ... It was also interesting that we both found that to be inspiration to try it out, because she had a not-so-great date.

Drew: I’ll eat almost anything, so we ordered four different things. I only really cared about one thing that we got. She chose the other three, and I was fine with them. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in the country of Georgia, and Compass Rose has a dish from there, khachapuri. It’s fantastic.

Elizabeth: That’s a fun way to go out.

Drew: We were taking selfies and ... we were in close proximity to each other. So I would say that would be one instance where [there was flirting]. That aspect made it more engaging for me at least. You could be more goofy, because first dates can be very rigid and interview-like.

Elizabeth: I was very stressed out because I’m moving, and someone I found to be a housemate canceled on me last-minute. He asked if I was done with house hunting, what would I be doing instead? I told him I run a lot. And he mentioned he wants to train for a marathon.

Drew: She was like, “Sorry I have to be on my phone; someone expressed interest.” So I took a photo of her on her phone. I’m like, “The Washington Post is going to think you hated this date.” ... It was good because it was lighthearted.

Elizabeth: While it was a lot of fun and he was super nice, I found it, after a while, hard to talk to him.

Drew: It was 10:30 p.m., and we were both pretty tired and she was going to get up to do yoga really early, so we walked to a certain point and parted ways.

Elizabeth:We were lingering on the corner, and it got a little awkward, as parting ways tends to be. So I very awkwardly went in for a hug and was like, “Okay, see you later.” Then he realized we never swapped numbers, so I felt like a jerk, so we swapped numbers and just left. He may have wanted to try to kiss me or something? And I just wanted to flee a little bit.

Rate the date

Drew: 4 [out of 5]. A really good time.

Elizabeth: 3.5. I didn’t feel too much of a spark.


Texting, but no dating. Elizabeth says: “While I think he could make a good friend, I don’t think that’s what he’s looking for.”

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