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She loves lame jokes and wants a bearded guy who shares her overall optimism and sense of adventure. He’s a positive guy looking for a cute feminist who puts a premium on laughter. We sent them to Restaurant Nora in Dupont Circle.

Pete: I was there a little bit early. Checked myself in the mirror to make sure I was all right, and then she showed up just a little bit before 7:30.

Jackie: He stood up, and I think we shook hands; I’m a hand shaker, that’s my default move. He’s taller, and I do tend to go for taller guys.

Pete: She had her huge, embarrassed smile, and I found that endearing. She wore a cute, colorful scarf, was well put-together, well spoken in general.

Jackie: The weird question I got when I sat down was “Do you compost?” I was like, Where did that come from! Do I smell? Do I have compost on me? But he was trying to figure out why they’d put us in the organic restaurant. We talked about what kind of wine we like to go for. I think I said I like aggressive reds, and we got one.


Pete: She’s a fan of “aggressive” wine and “aggressive” bike riding and “aggressive” whiskey. She likes the adjective “aggressive,” and I made fun of her for it.

Jackie: The food was good, drinks were good, conversation was good. It was an adventure, which I’m always a fan of.

Pete: I felt she had a quick mind and a sense of humor. We enjoyed making stupid jokes. I mentioned that I like ginger, and she said, “Yeah, I like redheads in general.”

Jackie: There were a number of puns going back and forth, a matched level of nonsense or punniness. Overall it had a requisite amount of silliness, which was fun.

Pete: I made some similarly stupid jokes and enjoyed her stupid jokes. Humor is the most important part of a relationship for me. It’s hard, especially in D.C., to find someone who values laughter and having a good time and not worrying about spending all your time networking and worrying about careers.

Jackie: It was really engaging. It wasn’t a romantic date, but it was very fun. It was very jovial and jolly.

Pete: She’s a very upbeat, positive, energetic person. As the date progressed ... I brought up how I would enjoy going out for a drink somewhere afterward.

Jackie: We walked to Dupont, to Irish Whiskey just down the street. We kind of used the fact that we were on a Washington Post date to make ourselves more popular in the bar.

Pete: She showed me that she got an e-mail from [Date Lab]. I thought it would be fun if I took her phone. I got her permission first, of course, but I sent a reply and wrote that she was having a good time. I just thought that’d be funny to do.

Jackie: He tried it again, and I was like, “Nope, you are not taking my phone again.” Toward the end of the night, I think he just got more comfortable with me and was like, “Oh, I’m gonna grab your phone! Oh, you have something in your teeth!” I was like, Okay, this got kind of honest kind of quickly. [But] I’m not easily offended — I’m usually the one doing the offending.

Pete: The date with her was better than most dates that I’ve been on. I think I implied that I had a good time.

Jackie: He put his name into my phone. I don’t know if he’s going to remember what he put it in as: “Cutie with a booty.” I need to change the passcode on my phone. But it was really funny.


Pete: I’d say it was better than average, so I’d give it a 4 [out of 5]. It wasn’t [a] love-of-my-life date, but it was good. I think in general we’d be happy to leave it with the good memories that we had.

Jackie: I’d give it a 4 and a quarter. There’s always room for improvement. ... It was fun and an adventure and a good story. It definitely wasn’t boring.

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UPDATE:Looks as if the laughter faded after the first date. There has been no contact since. “It was a good time, and I think it’s really okay to leave it at a fun date,” Jackie says. Says Pete: “I suppose we’re both happy keeping the fond memories of the fun evening. I’ve been curious about how she’s doing but haven’t asked.”